Canon ES lens adapter for NEX cameras adds f stop

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Engadget reports that the new Metabones Speedbooster lens adapter lets you mount your Canon ES lenses to your Sony NEX system, but what’s really outstanding here is the fact that those $600 rings can also make your lens wider by a factor of 0.71x  (example: your 85 mmm prime now becomes a 59 mm lens) and best of all, it actually increases the max aperture (!) of your lens by one full stop.

So your pricey Canon 24-105 f4 now lets you open up all the way to f2.8.  Black Magic? Yes, or rather the lens adapter concentrates the extra light gathers onto the sensor, increasing light availability. Very clever.

The Speedboosters are set to ship this month along with support for Nikon and Leica lenses. For someone like me who loves his Canon gear but increasingly uses the NEX for its pocketability and outstanding ease of use, these rings sound like a good investment.

Read more about the Metabones Speedbooster and check out some example videos at Engadget.


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