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On-Camera Live HD BroadcastEver wanted to live stream your shoots as they happen – in High Definition? I sure did. Teradek’s Cube would have come in handy back when I did video production for and the site network. Back then we relied on simply plugging in a webcam in a laptop and, using our Adobe Flash Media Streaming servers, fed it into the members area. It worked but of course it wasn’t anywhere near HD quality.

With the Cube you can shoot your naughties like you usually do, and have them be broadcast live in all its g(l)ory High Definition at the same time. Setup seems very easy too. The Cube has its own IP address so I’d pair this thing with streaming servers again (by now there is more than just Adobe’s solution for that) and have a super swell treat for members. Or even for live teasers and promos – nobody says you have to live cast the entire shoot, ya know…

The Cube is not cheap but might be worth it if live broadcasts are your thing – Porn or not.

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Shooting Tip: don't cut to the male talent's face during the pop shotToday in my Don’t Be Stupid! series I’ll list 10 annoying and something downright stupid things we see done over and over again in porn productions. I’ve done almost all of these things myself but over the years I’ve learned (and am still learning) things that work and things that do not. Remembering and following this list will make you a better content shooter and/or editor, and provide your viewers with a much more satisfying experience.

I’ll list my gripes in a Do’s and Don’ts type list. As usual, I’m not beating around the bush and use frank language.

1 ) Do not cut to the male talent’s face when he’s cumming (see screen shot), or, really, anytime unless you absolutely must do so as a cutaway. When your viewer is jerking off the last thing he wants to see is the dude’s mug. For some reason this is especially common in European productions. Well, stop it!  It’s all about the girl. Always.

2 ) Do not show the guy beating off on the girls’ face for five minutes before he can pop. Spend some time browsing forums or anywhere else, adult consumers exchange their likes and dislikes and this is one of the top things people hate.  It’s anti-climatic and just not hot, unless your viewer is into guys. Go straight from sex/bj/whatever to the cumshot. No self-stroking. Ideally have the girl finish off the guy. If your stunt cock needs to stroke himself before he can perform the pop shot, don’t include that in your final edit. Or at the very least have the girl suck his balls at the same time – just have her be involved somehow.

3 ) Do plan your shoot before you start recording. If you have to use a bunch of transitions because you didn’t plan your blocking, or forgot to direct the talent prior to hitting the record button, do yourself and your viewers a favor and practice being a pro before you waste everyone’s time on set or the edit suite.

4 ) Editors: mind the overall rhythm and continuity when you’re editing. If you do multi angle shoots and switch from, say, a wide angle shot to a closeup, cut so that it flows seamlessly. Always using cross dissolves for angle changes is for lazy editors, amateurs, and those who are guilty of #3 on this list.

5 ) Learn to white balance. This should really be number one on this list. This seriously can make the difference between a mediocre and a great looking picture. Don’t just learn basic “balance to white”, learn what other things you can do with this important function. It’s amazing.

Hint 1: expose / light / white balance for the girl’s skin, not the male talent or (god forbid!) the furniture.

Hint 2: light blue-ish source. You can thank me later for this one.

6 ) Do control your set. Don’t permit anyone (make up artists, drivers, whoever) to walk around or make noise while you are shooting. If at all possible, control the light sources on set. Bring mobile drapes or window covers if you have to. Turn off fans and air conditioners if at all possible. Disconnect phones, shut off cell phones. CONTROL. YOUR. SET.

7 ) Do focus on the female performer (if you’re shooting straight footage), not the stunt cock, not the furniture, not how clever you are, not what’s for lunch, not how bored you are, not when House is on next. Professionals realize that the girl and her performance are what make or break the shoot. The male talent might be a funny wisecrack but nobody gives a damn about that when they’re jerking off. (Really, it’s the male talent who’s “objectified” in our industry, but that’s for another time). This is porn, not a buddy bash and not a time to be absent minded. FOCUS.

8 ) Do learn to handle your camera properly. If you can’t hold the damn thing steady while you’re moving or getting down to your knees, either practice or get a Steadycam-type device. If all else fails, see if you can fix extensive shakes in post. Excessive shakiness is for amateurs and drunks. You’re (hopefully) neither.

9 ) Do turn off auto white balance. See #5

10 ) Don’t shoot for your ego. If your only goal is to be the next John Stagliano, Jules Jordan, or Raul Cristian, instead of focusing on making the most enticing, sexiest…SELLABLE footage possible for your viewers, this biz might not be for you. Most everybody wants to be a superstar, including directors and shooters. But put your ego on a shelf while you’re shooting, it’ll help you get footage that’s a lot more “in the moment”.

11 ) Do shoot additional footage you can include in trailers, teasers, or promo clips. Be creative here.

12 ) Do learn to use natural light, but also learn proper traditional lighting. And not just how to properly light your subject. Among other things, learn to not cast shadows on your talent while you’re shooting. Learn to have the penetration shots properly lit instead of losing them in shadows. Learn how to move around on set without casting shadows or hiding or revealing light sources. There is no shame in standing way back and zooming in in order to not disturb the set.

13 ) Do practice before going on location. It’s okay – no, essential – to learn your gear and your craft before you set foot on set. Think of musicians – they don’t practice on stage, do they? They do that before the concert. Once the lights are on it’s showtime. Showtime is not practice time.

14 ) Don’t think amateur porn isn’t a “threat” to you. There has never been as much amateur porn as today and the numbers are growing. Worse yet, amateurs are getting better and better, and video and photo gear is improving while price points are dropping. Some amateur stuff is downright great. And often it’s available for free, be it because its stolen and posted on tube sites, or because the creators just don’t care about the money and just want to be “pornstars” for a while.

Either be better than them or join their ranks. There is no shame in the latter, regardless of what stigma “amateur porn” might have in your mind right now. But if you want to be a pro or glam shooter then you’ll want to hone your skills. Research what consumers will actually pay for. Calling yourself a pro and doing what any college kid with a consumer camcorder can do is pathetic, and a sure way for you to be treated as such. If you’re too lazy to learn new skills or shoot what would earn you a living, or you simply find that making and selling amateur porn is more profitable to you than going for the whole “pro” thing, it’s okay to shoot and sell amateur porn. Just don’t expect to be hired by Playboy or start the next FTV Girls.

15 ) Don’t think you can’t learn new skills. Don’t think you’re too dumb or too old or too busy to learn a new NLE, or Photoshop, or lighting skills. If you can breathe on your own and can read this, you’re just fine.

Now go and conquer. And don’t be stupid.

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Phoenixxx Blaque gangbang

Time for an adult industry related observation. It’s something most of us don’t really think about but should. As I’m helping clients get their adult business to the next level I’m looking at lots and lots of adult video and photo content. And while the types and quality of videos and photos range from glamor to ultra hard amateur porn one thing I see over and over again is something that, if you really think about it, doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Naked men. Tons of them.

Are you running a gay site? If so, disregard the following. If not, read on.

Still with me? Good…

What I’m saying here might piss a lot of you male talent and shooters off. How dare I take the fun away for you? Well…screw you. It’s a business and the girl is who matters. Not you. Not your comfort.

Now, you’re selling the girl. The girl might be you or it might be your contract performer, or it might be one of many girls you shoot for a multi girl site. The point is you are selling a naked girl and not naked men.

Why do men feel they have to be naked in porn? One thing I have to stress over and over again is that the man’s pleasure is of noone’s concern when producing content. In other words: I don’t give a shit if you don’t feel totally comfortable if it means I get better content. I need the girl to be naked, not you.

If you are acting in your own movies you should feel the same way.

I’ve seen a lot of content where the male talent’s skin tone was so different from the female performer that the latter simply looked horrible. He was tan, she looked like a ghost next to him. Not good. I can expose my cameras for one person’s skin tone but not both so one of them is going to look “off”. This can be avoided if I have the male talent keeps his damn shirt on.

The problem is amplified in gangbang scenes – you have one girl and two, three, four….fifty naked guys. Too much flesh, folks.Too much skin, and not of the good kind. The girl visually drowns in a see ofmale back hair and flabby muscle. Not. Good. For. Sales.

Look at the picture here. Now, I’m not picking on Phoenixxx Blaque here in any way, this picture just came up as number one in Google’s image section for the keyword “gangbang”.

Frankly, there is too much man going on here. Phoenixxx is hot and a fantastic performer. Why ruin photos and videos with a bunch of naked guys? They blend in and Phoenixxx doesn’t stand out. All the consumer sees is small dicks and a bunch of naked guys.

If you’re selling a product (the female perfomer is always – ALWAYS – the star, the product) then don’t ruin it with shots like that.

When I ask some male clients who star in their own videos why they feel they have to be naked in every damn video they shoot their answer usually is something along the lines of “that’s how I always have sex, I like it that way”.

Ask yourself, if you had a mainstream office job, would you show up in flip flops, four hours late, and drunk because…you like it that way? Not if you want to keep your job.

Same thing here. Remember that running an adult site is like any other business – your personal comfort is secondary to what the member/customer wants. And last time I checked most straight male customers don’t particularly care to see a bunch of naked men covering up their female object of desire.

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So apparently some Comcast cable subscribers were treated to a unexpected 30 second porn interruption during this year’s Super Bowl. The girl featured in that short clip is Tristan Kingsley and I had the pleasure to shoot videos of the young lady some time ago for

Tristan Kingsley interview

Click here to read everything about Tristan Kingsley’s video and photo shoots for Aziani (some of her very first) and check out some very NSFW video screen shots. (EXPLICIT!)


Other Tristan Kingsley/ Super Bowl porn sources

Tristan ambushed by TMZ

Comcast apologizes for Super Bowl porn incident


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SiN 2.0 Adult Professional Podcast and NewsThe SiN 2.0 Sex Information Network, a news and information center for professionals in the adult industry, just put up my recent interview. J-SiN and me discuss Content Production (video and photos).

J-SiN and me had a lot of fun so the interview went  a bit long and it’s broken down into two parts. Part one is up right now.

If you’re thinking of starting to shoot naughty stuff, or are already doing that and need some tips or a refresher or two click on over to SiN 2.0.

While you’re there, download and listen to all the other great podcasts and interviews with some of the smartest minds in the industry. Never hurts to learn a new thing or two, does it?

UPDATE: as of 10/20 the second part is available now too on Sin 2.0. The second part of this podcast deals with proper equipment choices and post-production tips.

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