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Best VPN Recommendation


Best VPN is VyprVPN

My favorite VPN service hands down is Goldenfrog’s Vypr VPN. I’ve used it for years and it just gets better and better. Because these guys have so many servers all over the globe, I use it to test GEO-targeted banners and landing pages. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see all global Vypr VPN servers you can connect to right now. For example, if I want to make sure a German-specific ad or join page works properly, I simply connect to Read the rest of this entry »

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Free Video CutterSometimes you want to trim a video clip but don’t want to open up your NLE (Non-Linear Editor, like Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Avid, etc.) for that.

Boilsoft Video Splitter and Free Video Cutter

A simple task such as cutting a clip in two or more parts shouldn’t be so hard but the number of decent video splitters online is astoundingly small. Most of the free splitters I’ve tried are pure junk. Even spending money on a splitter isn’t a guarantee that it’ll do what you want it to. I usually use the Boilsoft splitter because it doesn’t re-encode whatever I’m splitting. So that’s great for making clips out of large movies: it’s very fast and retains the quality.

If you’re building clips for galleries or online promos and just need to split and not edit anything, the Boilsoft splitter is decent. Not always entirely frame accurate but okay for most tasks. It’s not free but because it doesn’t re-encode and handles WMV, MPEG, AVI and other files very well it might be worth it.

Now there’s also the Free Video Cutter.

As the name implies, the Free Video Cutter trims down your movie and saves it in either MPEG4, WMV, FLV, DivX, MOV, or MP3 (Audio only). It’s a very basic application but it’s free and reasonably fast.

Free Video Cutter Notes

It seems to re-encode the clips, even if the output format doesn’t change from the input format. And it uses the old WMV8 codec (Four CC code: wmv2) to encode to WMV. WMV9 is the standard these days, it looks better and is more efficient. I wouldn’t use the Free Video Cutter to encode to WMV, unless the video quality isn’t absolutely critical to you. Still, for a cheap and easy quick video trim job this tool might be your ticket.

TIP: before you do anything, click the “Options” button and check the “Don’t create video thumbs” box. Depending on your system, FVC takes quite a while to create these thumbnails. Kinda defeats the purpose of super quick trimming, ya know.

Download Free Video Cutter (free)

Download Boilsoft Video Splitter (not free)

Both are for Windows programs and they work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 (yes!)

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Market7 Review

Remember I told you about a tool for video editors, production teams, and clients that got me quite excited? Today I am happy to share with you my thoughts on Market7, a production collaboration service that works entirely online. Nothing to install and it works regardless if you or anyone you work with are on a Mac or PC.

Market7 Review

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SUPER converts to WMVWell, kind of. I was all jazzed up when I downloaded my (not so secret ) weapon for some of my video and audio conversion jobs – SUPER – and saw that it now converts any video file into WMV9.

I’ve been using SUPER for years because it can do some amazing things and astoundingly it’s free. The limitations of SUPER however were severe: you couldn’t convert your stuff into WMV9 (VC1), or On2 VP6 based Flash, only Sorenson.

That’s unfortunate because WMV9 is the standard for web bound WMVs, and if you’re watching Flash videos chances are those were encoded with the On2 VP6 codec which is far superior to Sorenson.

SUPER is basically a graphical user interface (GUI) program that uses encoding tools like FFmpeg, MEncoder, theora/vorbis, x264, and others to convert nearly any video or audio file to any other video or audio file.

It can even do some stuff that those expensive encoders can’t, like integrating the AAC audio codec with the H.264 video codec, and letting advanced users use AviSynth to add even more capabilities.

And now SUPER can convert your stuff into WMV9 and WVC1.

Or at least it’s supposed to because SUPER kept crashing >>> Read the rest of this entry »

Need to upgrade your current creative workflow and get your last minute tax writeoffs in at the same time?

NOW is the time to splurge a little on new software and hardware – December 31st is coming soon so here are my recommendations. Just the best of the best, no filler shit that you don’t need. THESE recommendations will make a difference for you. If not, it’s not the software or the hardware, it’s YOU….

1) Adobe Production Premium CS 4

Adobe Production Premium CS 4More of less drastic improvements to Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Flash Professional, and After Effects. If you’re editing AVCHD video footage this is a must buy: Premiere Pro CS 4 now natively supports AVCHD codecs. Most other professional video editing programs do not. And you’re past the consumer software stuff, right?

As with Adobe CS’ previous versions, the integration between programs is very tight. If you have not jumped onto the Adobe wagon I strongly suggest you do that now – your workflow will drastically improve.

Adobe Production Premium CS 4WINDOWS

Adobe Production Premium CS 4MAC (with Intel chips only!)


2) Intel Core i7 965  3.2 Ghz Processor; DDR3 Memory; Motherboard

Intel Core i7 965 3.2 Ghz Processor

One of the most dramatic speed improvements you can treat yourself with doesn’t come cheap. But Intel’s new Core i7 processor platform frankly kicks the shit out of everything I have ever encountered when it comes to processor speeds.

You could go a step lower (and cheaper) with the 940 and you’ll experience greatly improved speeds and efficiency in your workflow. But hell, why not go all the way and really squeeze out some power to shave off those extra seconds of rendering and encoding time, right?

Buy the boxed Intel Core i7 965 Extreme Processor here.

Important Note: the Core i7 processors do require a different motherboard and memory. You can NOT use your Socket 775 motherboard with this. You’ll need to upgrade to the Socket LGA 1366 platform. A good mobo is the Intel Extreme Series X58.

(Writing all this I really wish Intel would drop that silly “Extreme” moniker on their products. What is this, 1990’s New Jersey?)

Finally, you’ll need DDR3 memory to run this beast. The Corsair TR 3x6G set of memory sticks are decent, it’s a total of 6 Gigs and the price is acceptable too, particularly considering the performance. However, if you are running a 64 bit version of Windows Vista or XP then do take advantage of the fact that you can use more than the 4 Gig (yeah, yeah 3 plus) older 32 bit versions can.

You can probably get DDR3 memory cheaper if you shop around but be sure to skip the “value” memory junk you might encounter. is one of my favorite shopping sources.

Regardless, you’ll be spending a good chunk of cash for all this but the increased efficiency (and enthusiasm I might add) when it comes to your video and photo editing, animations, or Flash stuff, should make up for this. Did for me.


No Final Cut Pro recommendations. Sorry, Adobe finally took the crown and is now the top choice for this current generation of serious video and photo pros. I tried ’em all. All of them. Final Cut Pro, Avid, Sony Vegas, and Adobe’s Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro wins for me, hands down.

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