Viscosity VPN Client on Mountain Lion

  • at July 29, 2012
  • by Kroy
  • in apple
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Viscosity for Mountain LionMan, the issues with Apple’s Mountain Lion just keep coming. After  Windows Media video files not playing properly with Flip4Mac , here’s another issue, although not nearly as many folks will be affected by this: OpenVPN client Viscosity (my favorite thus far) needs to be upgraded to the newest version (1.4.1) if you want it to work on Mountain Lion.

I suspect other VPN clients might be affected as well so check for an available update for whatever VPN app you’re using.

Personally I’ve been having lots of email issues, a slower browsing experience, and a few other annoyances. I’m little disappointed in Mountain Lion but I’m sure  developers of third party apps are on top of it.

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