Apple iPad Sold Out, Recession Is Over

  • at March 28, 2010
  • by Kroy
  • in apple

As I had pointed out in earlier posts, the Apple marketing machine is on course to ‘do it again’.

According to Apple Insider, Apple has already sold out its initial stock of iPad models via pre-orders. Sure, Apple may purposely have kept its stock fairly low to achieve the “we’re sold out already ‘cuz everybody wants our stuff” – aura. But according to Wall Street Journal sources familiar with this whole gig, well over one million iPads are on track to be sold over the next 3 months.

That’s one million customers spending upwards of $499 for a product they don’t really need.

This is just the latest example of how in this recession there are still plenty of people willing to part with their cash for what they want – as long as the hype is good enough and you can make them think your product/service is what they really want. Again, it’s about wanting, not needing.

I remember when, during the worst of our ‘recession’, the parking lots of upscale fashion malls in Scottsdale and Phoenix were completely full, and folks were still running around with their  shopping bags as usual. The media made it sound like everyone in the country would be living on the streets soon, but then you see this and figure out that just like iPads, a recession is pretty much what you make it appear to be. If you hype it enough, people will ‘buy’ it – regardless of what ‘it’ is.

Except the iPad actually has more naysayers than the recession, as I had pointed out earlier. Everyone ‘accepts’ that there’s a recession. But when the iPad was demo’ed by Steve Jobs, a lot of folks quickly turned to online forums and pointed out the glaring issues (no Flash, no multi-tasking, etc.) It doesn’t matter because those consumers that purchase an iPad right after launch are  generally not the same consumers that find reasonable problems with an item and make a calculated need vs.want/ or cost/benefit analysis. They want it, they buy it. And that’s who you’ll want to market to.

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