The Invisible Hand


Counseling and Service Capacities

Think of Kroycom as as an invisible hand that helps you run your business operations behind the scenes. Because serious growth requires serious commitment, we regularly sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) so what we do for you is confidential.
You can choose to let us coach you in the areas you need assistance with, or just let us run the whole thing and go on with your day.

You do certain things really well. We are here to do those other things you don’t do so well (or don’t want to do). We specialize primarily in the following:

  • Content post-production
  • Marketing, PR, and Branding
  • Website¬†operations and management
  • Affiliate management, sales training;
  • Nose-wiping assistance


Instead of having to juggle several different contractors and service providers, Kroycom can handle most or ALL your needs in-house. This eliminates communication bottlenecks and saves you money, time, and agitation in the long run.

We don’t use a one-size-fits-all formula so we can’t provide a generic price list here. Let’s discuss your needs and requirements today so we can give you an accurate quote.¬†