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Imagine you’re on the road and all you have with you is your little Macbook Air. Your job is to edit a video in HD. Today. Another problem: all the source files are located at the producer’s studio – on the other side of the country. So you don’t have the source files with you and your notebook doesn’t have the horsepower to edit HD video anyway. This might not be a problem much longer, if Adobe Anywhere turns out to be as awesome as their demo video shows it to be.

I’m really quite excited about the prospects here. Adobe Anywhere will supposedly let us access shared media from practically anywhere in the world, and collaborate with others on the same project. All we need is a basic Internet connection. All the heavy lifting will be done by the server, not your editing machine. So maybe we can finally edit multiple HD streams on a notebook without wanting to jump off a bridge.

Imagine building a Adobe Anywhere server at your home base, having your clients dump their video source files on it, and you and your scattered team can go to town on it from wherever you are. At the same time. In full rez. On your laptops. You don’t have to download the source files, not even proxies. Nothing. You’ll use Premiere Pro and After Effects like you usually do. I envision cutting a multi stream feature on my Air while sitting on the beach (close to a hotel with decent WiFi, of course…), one hand on the keyboard and another on a mojito. Hmmm…

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