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Viscosity VPN Client on Mountain Lion

  • at July 29, 2012
  • by Kroy
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Viscosity for Mountain LionMan, the issues with Apple’s Mountain Lion just keep coming. After  Windows Media video files not playing properly with Flip4Mac , here’s another issue, although not nearly as many folks will be affected by this: OpenVPN client Viscosity (my favorite thus far) needs to be upgraded to the newest version (1.4.1) if you want it to work on Mountain Lion.

I suspect other VPN clients might be affected as well so check for an available update for whatever VPN app you’re using.

Personally I’ve been having lots of email issues, a slower browsing experience, and a few other annoyances. I’m little disappointed in Mountain Lion but I’m sure  developers of third party apps are on top of it.

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So you got the new Mac OS X Mountain Lion installed…and Windows Media video (.wmv) files aren’t playing – or the videos are playing but there is no sound – even though you have Flip4Mac installed.

Here’s the problem: the older version of Flip4Mac doesn’t play well with Mountain Lion. But there is a new public beta of Flip4Mac version 3. Install that and your WMVs will work again. The new player interface is much better too. The beta expires September 1st, and like with all beta software, expect a bug or crash here and there.

Apple’s Dictation Feature and Privacy

  • at July 26, 2012
  • by Kroy
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Apple Voice DictationBefore you use the Dictation feature on Apple’s new Mountain Lion OS, be sure to read the Privacy notice:

“When you use the keyboard dictation feature on your computer, the things you dictate will be recorded and sent to Apple to convert what you say into text. Your computer will also send Apple other information, such as your first name and nickname; and the names, nicknames, and relationship with you (for example, “my dad”) of your address book contacts.  All of this data is used to help the dictation feature understand you better and recognize what you say. Your User Data is not linked to other data that Apple may have from your use of other Apple services.” 

(Emphasis mine). So it’s similar as with Siri, Apple’s voice guided assistant on iPhone 4S and soon iPad 3. I think that’s creepy. Who knows what Apple can and might do with your data. Sure, most people think they have “nothing to hide”, but that’s not what it’s about. To a smart marketer, there’s always a way your data can be used. Always.

Paranoid? Yes. You should be too.

The information Apple and its partners can glean from disclosing so much personal information could be misused in many ways. It’s the way this privacy notice is worded that leaves a lot of doors open. “Sent to Apple” could mean anything from sending your voice to automated, unattended data centers owned by Apple, or it could mean it’s sent to third party data centers  (that Apple contracts out to, but doesn’t entirely control) other people can manipulate and access at will. Apple says your user data is not linked to other data Apple may have from your use of other Apple devices. But it doesn’t say it’s not being linked to any other data from any other devices you may use. Just not ones from Apple.

The NSA is building the country’s largest spy center in Utah, and its purpose is to store and filter domestic communications – emails, texts, phone calls, and so forth. Maybe your Siri or Dictation Feature musings will end up there too, who knows. Unless Apple can ensure that your data is absolutely anonymous, there’s always a chance someone figures out a way to use what you say against you. Might be creepy marketers who know the most intimate details about you, or it might be a rogue Apple employee with nothing better to do than to play around with user data. The point is, know what you’re getting in to before you open your mouth. Literally.



Canon EOS 7D Firmware Update

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Canon 7D Firmware UpgradeRumor has it…well, it’s actually confirmed: Canon will release firmware upgrade 2.0.x for the EOS 7D.

Details on the actual release date are sparse, but August seems to be the most likely candidate. Click here for more details on the firmware upgrade.

You can check out this short movie from Canon listing the stuff you’ll get with the free firmware upgrade, including higher maximum burst rates, manual audio level adjustment for video (finally!), in-camera RAW image processing, and more.

Here’s a comparison chart so you know what new goodies your 7D will have after the upgrade.


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