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I’m really impressed with this new content removal service,

We’ve been working with them for several months and the results are outstanding.

The founder, Nate, is fanatical about tracking down and removing pirated content. You want that guy on your side. The service uses proprietary software and algorithms to crawl for your content, much like similar services such as RemoveYourContent do. I find (TDP) to be very accurate, responsive, and thorough.

You get copied on all DMCA notices TDP sends out to infringers, which may be overwhelming to some but it’s great to see that work gets done. Before the downfall of Megaupload, and before Filesonic and several others disabled their sharing functionality, TDP’s DMCA notices would usually contain thousands of infringing links. This number was reduced somewhat in recent weeks, but I see an uptrend again. When one cyberlocker goes down, serious pirates simply shift their uploading efforts to other sites. And the game goes on. In addition to serving notices to cyberlockers, TDP also sends DMCAs to P2P sites, tube sites, forums, newsgroups, and even Google, which then removes the infringing URLs from their search results. It all helps.

It’s true that even when an offending site responds to the DMCA and removes your content, someone else will just upload your stuff again. It’s also true that you can never catch ’em all. The point of all this is to make everything as frustrating and inconvenient as possible for the uploaders, the searchers, and the “sharing”-sites themselves. But for this strategy to work, you need to do this in huge numbers, do it fast, and do it all day, every day. That’s where TDP comes in. I don’t expect governments across the globe to shut down each and every cyberlocker or P2P service (although the Megaupload raid was a great start).

While not cheap, if you make a living with your content, is well worth a look.