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Man, I love(d) Netflix, for many reasons. Didn’t have a problem with the price increase either. Losing Starz was a problem, but whatever, they’ll get other deals going. Now CEO Reed Hastings sent an email to subscribers “clarifying” some things.

Netflix will be split into two companies, Netflix and Qwikster. Qwikster. Really? There are too many ways to spell it (try it), and it’s confusing. It’s weird to say out loud. Plus it sounds close to Quickstar, which is one of the online arms for Amway.

Netflix will continue to exist – but only for its streaming content. Qwikster (I’ve misspelled this already three times in this post and had to backtrack) will take care of  shipping DVDs. You know, what freaking NETFLIX used to do just fine. You have to maintain your queues separately on both sides. Billing is separate too.

I agree that in the long run the name Netflix makes more sense for online-only stuff. I also think over the years, streaming content is where it’s at, not DVDs.

But here you’ve got brand dilution, consumer confusion, and from the sounds of it, this is going to be one big cluftersuck. Are queues synced? If I put a movie in my DVD queue on Qwikster, will it alert me that I can stream that movie on Netflix instead, and if so, will it forward me to my queue in Netflix with one click? How about Netflix-enabled TVs and players, are they going to work seamlessly…or at all? That’s seemingly little stuff but it matters to consumers. There are lots of big changes all at once – and consumers tend to not like change, especially not if it means any sort of learning curve and/or higher costs.

If you are interested in branding and consumer behavior, this is going to be an interesting case to watch and study.

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The best washing machine in town just had an Out of Order sign attached to it. Of course the machine is not really out of order. In fact, it’s doing a huge load of blankets right now. No, the staff at the place likes to put the sign up when they want to wash their own bedding with it. It’s that good.  They might forget to take the sign off for days.  And because this machine rarely gets used it has probably the most powerful, clean interior of all the thirty or so washers in the facility.  It’s the least likely to break down, actually.

It’s an insider secret and if you want your sheets and blankets as clean as possible, this is your machine.

You may also have an insider secret. Maybe there’s a favorite site you go to when you want to…take a load off. It’s got great content, it’s convenient and it’s easy to use. But it’s a secret because you aren’t telling anyone about it. Not even your existing customers.

If you find something that’s so good that even a jaded insider like yourself can appreciate it, wouldn’t your customers like to know about it? If you make a recommendation, would some of them click a link – which contains your affiliate code, of course –  from your cross sell area? So what if that site is a competitor.

Everybody is an insider of something. Try to watch your own user habits and preferences and figure out if others might share them. They probably do.

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Final Cut Pro X not cutting it for you? Need to open up legacy projects? Want to edit like a fucking professional again? Why, get your dialin’ fingers read: Apple has a limited quantity of Final Cut Studio (the previous version. The one that rocks) available via its phone sales department.  It’s like $999 or thereabouts. Part number MB642Z/A.

Apple telesales phone number: 800-MY-APPLE

Or switch to Avid or Premiere Pro. They’ll be around a while. Your call.

Once Is Genius, Twice Is Ordinary

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Once is genius. Twice is ordinary. I’d want to say that’s a Steve Jobs quote but I can’t find anything about it so maybe I just made that  up. Either way, it’s true in many ways. If you shoot some sort of series, for example. Let’s use a reality porn site. You shoot your weekly episode and to spice things up you use some clever gimmick or location where you have your model do [insert naughty things]. Say give roadhead in the car while driving to location. Super hot and surprising. But not if you have that in your next episode. And the next. Because then it’s expected. Try to do the unexpected. Being creative week after week is hard. But that’s the  job. You shall be rewarded handsomely if you put a little surprise into your art.

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