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Awesome Dual-Screen Laptop

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This new SpaceBook dual-screen laptop from Gscreen would be about the most bad-ass mobile video editing workstation on the planet…if it weren’t hampered by an underpowered processor and limited disk options.

The price is extremely reasonable, too, as long as you plonk down your deposit before the thing starts shipping by the end of the year.

It already dons a NVIDIA graphic card so with a slight mod, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 could fire up its Mercury Playback Engine and help you make sweet, sweet video love on that thing. Let’s hope Gscreen adds processor and storage upgrade options in the near future.

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Found this little gem online: UsesThis interviews developers, designers, photographers, writers, editors, musicians, and other creative professionals about their computer and software setups.

You’ll notice how a lot of folks use fairly minimal setups to get some amazing work done. Also: lots of Mac users here. Freeware, too.

One of my favorites is Adam Lisgor who does some amazing work creating web commercials for tech companies. You can check out his work here, and his computer setup here.

Lesson: use what works for you.

HP’s Real Reason for Bailing Out

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So HP is contemplating getting out of the consumer PC business. Now, HP is HUGE in the computer biz. That’s like Pepsi saying they’re getting out of the soft drink business. But HP should stop making consumer products.

HP blamed low profit margins and declining consumer PC sales on a supposed consumer preference shift to tablets. They make it sound as if everyone on the planet is ditching their laptops and desktops and is using an iPad now instead.

That’s interesting because according to IDC,  tablet sales are actually down by almost 30% in Q1 of 2011. Apple is selling Macbooks and Macbook Air and iMacs (read: full-size computers) just fine. On the Windows side, Dell is doing quite well, too. Also, if tablets are the lone wave of the future, why did HP announce that they would get rid of Palm OS – and all their tablets and mobile devices? Does he think the iPad (iOS) is the only thing people want? I think it’s HP that’s the problem, not tablets.

Fact is, Read the rest of this entry »

Are Mac Users Dumber Than The Rest?

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Among my clients sites, around 13% of all visitors and members are on a Mac. Yet an estimated 30% or more of all their tech/customer support requests come from Mac users. For some odd reason they seem to forget their passwords and mistype their user names (that they picked themselves…) more often than the rest.

This post’s headline is click bait. Using the Mac vs. PC debate and throwing an accusatory , divisive tone at it is a favorite among tech writers. In fact there is a recent article that discusses scientific findings of how Internet Explorer users are the “dumbest” of ’em all. Expectedly this gets high search engine rankings and lots of inflamed comments.

But in this case I actually do think there’s something to it – numbers don’t lie. Anyone have a similar experience?

Disclosure: we use Macs, PCs, iOS devices, Android devices, (rarely) Linux, and all major browsers. We use what works best for the task at hand.

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PetSmartAt my local PetSmart, a can of Friskies cat food is currently $.50 (fiddy cent) if it’s not on sale. On sale those things are around $.40-$.45 at that store. We are all subconsciously trained to associate red tags with reduced prices and so that’s how PetSmart usually marks their items that are on sale.

Now, how do you jack up the regular price permanently without pissing off your customers? You gradually make the non-sales price the sales price.


Recently PetSmart put up a bright new sign next to those Friskies cans that reads “30 for $15”, in the same red color as regular sales signs/tags. It’s a big sign, too. Everything about that sign Read the rest of this entry »

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