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Mac OS X LionIf you use Adobe software on a Mac and upgraded to Apple’s new OS X Lion, take note: Adobe published a  list of bugs in OS X Lion which includes problems with Photoshop, Lightroom, Flash Builder, Dreamweaver, LiveCycle, Premiere Pro, Contribute, and others.

If you haven’t upgraded yet, check out the  OS X Lion/ Adobe Creative Suite compatibility list before you do.

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Netflix price increaseMy first thought about the Netflix price changes: It’s about time. I mean that. There are many who want to get everything as cheaply as possible, I get that. But there are also those who will gladly spend extra to get more. Lots of folks bitch about the supposedly bad lineup on Netflix’ streaming side of things. But of course Netflix can’t buy the rights to stream more unless they have the cash to do so. And this requires a price increase. Frankly, I’m absolutely amazed at how Netflix was able to get as much as they did for the tiny amount they currently charge subscribers. Add to that bandwidth and infrastructure and support cost and it’s just mindblowing how expensive the whole thing is.

“Can’t Please ‘Em all – But Please Me!”

Personally I’d like to see a multi-tiered approach though: Tier 1 would be cheap (current pricing maybe) and offers the base level of streaming options. The majority of subscribers would fall into this category. Then I’d love to have a Tier 2 which is for those who will gladly spend extra to get newer TV shows and movies. If the offerings are good enough for this Tier 2 a lot of us would gladly spend a good amount for it. We’d cancel cable if need be. I’d spend $30-$50 a month, maybe even a bit more on such a Tier  2, provided I’d be able to stream movies and shows at the same time they are released on DVD/Blu-Ray. It’s up to Netflix to investigate what the actual sweet spot would be for something like this, and if there are enough consumers who would be willing and able to pay for a Tier 2.

I don’t think I’m in such a minority either: despite the economic challenges, premium electronics companies such as Apple are setting record sales. In fact Read the rest of this entry »

Here Should Be a Blog Post

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There is so much cool stuff to talk about, isn’t there? Every day something I want to write about pops into my head. This is probably true for you, too. Bloggers who make their money with their verbal vomit find a way to get this done, every day. But for me this blog isn’t a priority. Our clients are. Sure, I’d like to give you a rundown on the new Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5 and share with you why there’s probably no point in upgrading for you. And boy, I really want to tell you about this new neuro-marketing study and how it’s going to change the way you make your fricken banner ads. Then I put my head down and start working away on whatever client project takes precedence that day. “I’ll write that later“, I tell myself. But when I look up again, Father Time’s beard has grown longer and another day is gone.

When I go to a company’s site, and there’s a blog, I always check when the most recent posts were made. If there’s a large gap I might start to wonder if that company is even still in business. And this is just what most of your potential customers think, too: blog hasn’t been updated, therefore the business must not be doing well, or they just don’t care anymore. A business that, in the mind of the observer, isn’t doing well, shouldn’t get her business. People tend to think in simplified, black-and-white terms, and base things on their own experiences. You and I do this all the time, but we need to do better. This is an important part of a business’ overall public perception, its image. Yes, how successful/timely/busy/popular people think you are is part of what makes your brand.

There is how things are, and then there is how people think things are. The latter is the one you need to be concerned with, be it in your marketing, your branding, your sales, or your product.

So don’t do what I do and skip weeks or months of posting. Try to find the time, especially if your blog has any part in your business’ bottom line.

Up next: why you probably don’t need to upgrade to CS 5.5, and mind-blowing neuro-marketing tips. Okay, later…

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