AT&T. Never Again.

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No wonder AT&T ranks lowest among all carriers in customer satisfaction.
Ordered 3G iPad as a birthday present from AT&T Wireless online store. Delivery time promised 3-5 days, but ordered early just to be safe. iPad arrives more than two weeks late, well past the birthday. Okay, happens. Already has AT&T 3G service activated (why am I paying for something before I can use it?). Whatever, it’s just a few days.

Let’s look up account info, make sure everything’s correct. Got a bad feeling now. Trying to manage the AT&T Wireless account online but can’t because AT&T never sent login info. Only got wireless number in welcome email. Wireless number alone is not enough to log in, need password. Never received one. Can’t set up new account either because number is already registered. No other password retrieval options other than to have it resent. Never was asked to set one up, but okay, maybe they did. Try to resend password. Doesn’t work, AT&T only sends you a text message with a temporary password. Pointless because it’s an iPad. Can’t get texts.

Let’s email Customer Service to see what’s going on. HOW?  AT&T likes to hide the contact link. It’s a tiny link on the bottom. Look closely because the link color is almost the same as the background. Sneaky. Snakey.

Can’t email customer service without logging in to account – Can’t log in to account because never got a password. Can’t resend password because AT&T doesn’t email it to you. Text message or snail mail (!!) only. Can’t get text because it’s a fucking iPad.

Let’s call Customer Service. Hold. Rep comes on. Go through verification – wireless number, name, last 4 digits of Social Security Number. Explain what’s going on. First rep doesn’t know anything about iPads or passwords. 10 minutes of conversation until she understands I’m not having a problem with the iPad but with accessing my AT&T account. I just want my password, please.
Back and forth, put on hold, back and forth. Turns out she can’t email me the password, only text or snail mail it to me. Reason: I’m within my first 30 days of “service”. Seriously?

Let’s just cancel the whole AT&T account. This is just awful. Too many red flags. Yeah, let’s cancel. Rep says I have to be transfered. Fine. Transfer attempt #1. Wait. Wait. First rep comes back – “Sorry for the wait, we had some problems today”. I can tell. Asking to speak to a manager in hopes of getting my account canceled sometime this century. Hold. Manager comes on. Let’s do some more account verification: wireless number, name, SSN. Explain what happened. Again. Manager goes through usual “I’m sorry to hear that”-script…but claims she can’t cancel an account. A different department does iPad-linked Wireless accounts. Transfer. Hold. Third rep come on. Let’s verify again: number, name, SSN. Explain what happened. Again. Rep can’t cancel the account because manager transferred me to wrong department. Rep transfers me to…automated service that has nothing to do with wireless accounts either. Press “0” in hopes of getting a person back on the phone. Instead, the auto-service hangs up. Total time: 38 minutes. Accomplished: Nothing.
Call back. Hold. Hold. Hold. New rep. Zach. Friendly. Knows his stuff. Verify again. Explain situation for a fourth time. More apologies. Hold while rep makes sure he’s following proper cancellation procedure. He is. Finally – AT&T service is canceled. Time: 27 minutes.

AT&T ranking worst in customer satisfaction doesn’t surprise me. That companies like this are allowed to continue operating that way, does. And we let them.