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HTC Thunderbolt, image stolen from Thanks, Arrington.Speed. Oh how I love it. When Verizon announced that it made its 4G/LTE service available in my neck of the woods (Phoenix), I pretty much creamed my pants. I’ve been with Sprint for close to ten years, but I waited long enough for them to bring their version of 4G (WiMax) to Arizona and since this hasn’t happened – and probably won’t happen for at least another year or two – Verizon’s offer sounded really good.

I constantly upload large quantities of media for my clients, so much so that my broadband cable connection is pretty busy at all times. So a second broadband option would be great…so that I can upload even more stuff. My clients would LOVE that.

Now, I’m a comparison shopper. So when I compared the speeds and 4G network availability stats between T-Mobile’s, Verizon, and Sprint (AT&T ain’t got none yet), the Big Red’s numbers pretty much made my decision for me. After trying out LG’s USB modem, Verizon’s first LTE-capable device, I was hooked. Upload speeds matched what my cable Internet provider could do, and downloads were about two-thirds that. But I returned the device as soon as I learned about the release date for the HTC Thunderbolt, the first LTE phone for Verizon. I bitched about it in another post but who am I kidding – I’m a gadget whore. Besides, my favorite geek sites claimed HTC was finally able to improve the bad battery life, the main reason I complained about it.

Fast forward a few weeks – and I now have two phones, the Thunderbolt, and my trusty HTC Evo from Sprint. Why? Aside from still being about a year away from my Sprint contract to expire, the Thunderbolt is, how can I say this?...Fucking useless as a mobile phone.

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