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I’ve had some amazing experiences with RYC is a service that scans the web – and particularly known copyright infringers such as P2P sites, tubes etc. – and finds your content. It then begins its proprietary process to take all your content down. Fast.

You can also submit your own findings via their ticket interface: say you find your content on a file sharing site, you can submit that URL/link to them and they will take care of it.

After submitting your ticket you’re assigned a ticket number with which you can track the status of your request. The guys are very good at letting you know what’s going to happen and if something can or cannot be taken down easily.

I love how fast this works, too. In less than 15 minutes RYC took care of over 4000 infringing links. At 1 AM in the morning. THAT is service.

I highly recommend If you are the victim of massive, ongoing copyright infringement/content theft, give them a look.

(Note: I’m not getting kickbacks or paid for this ‘endorsement’. I just love how they work.)

Comments Off on The Perfect Editing Workstation – Surprise!

One question I get a lot is “what’s the perfect workstation for video editing?”. This usually results in about two hours of me blabbing on how it “all depends”, and terms like RAID, clock speed, and GPU acceleration get thrown around. In the end there really isn’t a “perfect” workstation, but there are a lot of things one can look out for to get optimal performance. It really does depend on a lot of factors, like what type of formats you’ll be editing mostly, which NLE you use, and so on. But today I’d like to talk about just one specific workflow – for those using Adobe CS5.

This is quite a different thing from all the other NLEs because of one single factor: Mercury Playback Engine.

Until recently I wasn’t truly aware of  how much of a difference MPE makes. Sure, when I first installed CS5 on my workstations last year (on the day CS5 came out. I couldn’t wait to try out this mysterious Mercury-thing…) I was beyond impressed. Multiple compressed video streams plus color correction plus footage resizing plus stacks of effects, and the whole thing still plays in real time and at full resolution, where with CS4 the same project – on the same machine – would have been a nightmare to edit that involved proxy files or at the very least a lot of  very jerky playback, freezes, and a lot of crashing and cursing.

But there is always the feeling that things could go even faster and smoother by upgrading the chip or the drive arrays, or…


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