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A very special guest contribution – a 2010 End-of-Year wrap-up by industry veteran Darklady – exclusively for Kroycom/blog readers.

Theresa “Darklady” Reed is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post,  AVN magazine, and is a member of the Free Speech Coalition and Free Speech Alliance boards of directors, and has nearly 2 decades of experience in the adult entertainment industry.


2010: The Year Porn Made More Sense than the “Real World”
by Darklady

The longer I work in the adult entertainment industry, the more I think the mainstream world is insane and porn is the circus with the greatest grasp on reality.

Scary, no?

Let’s take a for instance: TSA.

Once upon a time, going through airport security was annoying but not necessarily embarrassing. It didn’t matter if you had a dildo up your ass, a tampon in your twat, a metal rod down your …CONTINUE READING

Comments Off on Grinch Didn’t Steal Christmas – We Did

So what happened to Christmas? When I grew up and until just recently, Christmas was the “it” holiday of the year. You couldn’t turn around without someone asking what you’re doing for Christmas, and if you got your gift shopping done, and every TV channel would have some sort of Christmas-themed thing going on. People put on their best fake holiday cheer and outfits, Christmas decorations were everywhere, and, living in the “desert”, it all kind of felt wrong. I hated it.
But now…
Now one of the few things that remind me that it’s Christmas season is the annoying Salvation Army bell ringing in front of the grocery store. Even the bell ringer seems more disinterested in what she’s doing than in the past.

This year has been the least Christmas-y in recent memory. I don’t overhear people discuss anything relating to Christmas as much as I used to. Despite my Scrooge-like attitude toward the Holidays I do enjoy giving gifts. This year people seemed almost surprised when I gave them theirs. As if they forgot what time of the year it was. And I didn’t get any gifts from anyone this year, also a first for me. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t more naughty than usual.

When I told friends of my findings they concurred that they, too, felt as if the whole Christmas thing just died this year but, like me, they thought it was just them.

It isn’t. Christmas is (was) a trend, just like most anything in society. For traditionalists and non-marketers this is hard to swallow, but if you think about it you’ll realize it’s true: We do something for a while, be it for a year or a hundred years, and then things change. Something else comes along and replaces one obsession or ritual for another. Halloween has become incredibly popular and I’ve been saying for years that it’ll become the new Christmas. I still believe it will, if it hasn’t already.

Just like Christmas, sometimes we wake up and realize our entire world has changed. What we used to offer to our customers now isn’t good enough anymore, or remarkable enough. When excitement and enthusiasm for something dies down, it’s just a matter of time until that something itself dies.
One indicator of this is if you notice people don’t talk about you (you=your product/company/site/whatever) any longer. You “died” in their minds. This can go slowly enough for you to not realize it, but you really should.
Try – really, really try – to see your product/site/offering/ from a birds eye perspective and really watch those changes. How are consumers interacting with your ‘thing’? What, if anything, are they saying about it? If all of a sudden they are not talking about you at all, that’s one of the final and worst signs because it means you’ve already become obsolete or unremarkable. You’re about to be replaced in their minds with something else.
Luckily, there’s always another “Halloween” you can come up with. Just make sure you do before your Christmas is dead.

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