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Misdirection Ain’t Just for Magicians

  • at October 29, 2010
  • by Kroy
  • in Ads
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A neat little test for those of us who like to think that nothing escapes our eagle eyes. How’d you do?

What obvious thing are you missing when you define your market? When you’re screening talent? When you scout locations or shoot your video? When you design your site? When you create your ad? When you…

A New York Morning

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It’s a little after 5 A.M in New York City. I’m still a little tipsy from the previous evening during which I must have bored my client to tears with my Long Island Ice Tea-induced ramblings. I don’t drink often these days and it shows. No matter, we had wonderful conversations about the future. I still can’t sleep and decide to greet my favorite city early. The falafel stand  next to the hotel is already open and I order a lamb kabob. I can feel the love the owner puts in his creation as prepares it in front to me. He asks me if I’d like onions and sauce and I say yes.  It tastes like heaven.

I turn around and, above the Subway’s entrance, I spot a large LCD display advertising TV  shows. The occasional car and airline ad interrupts the smiling faces of Letterman and Co. The ads are different, more attention grabbing than what you might see on Television, even though there is no sound. New York is one big marketing course. And I’m an eager student.

Security guards at the 24-hour Duane Reade are smiling and appear happy to see me. Another customer who for some reason feels the need to get vitamin supplements and shaving cream at 5 in the morning; just another day. I ask where I can find the vitamins and a smiling clerk tells me the exact location (downstairs, isle 6) and calls me ‘Sir’.

The smell of the falafel stand fills the air now, and the subway’s noises coming from underground  are oddly comforting to me. I spot the first worker bees jaywalking their way to work; the ever-present NYPD patrol cars are waiting their turn to proceed on 34th Street, watching those little law breakers rush on their way. Nobody gets hassled. This is New York – there is work to be done that, collectively, drives the country forward. And right now, nothing is more important.

Unlogo Eliminates Brand Logos From Videos

  • at October 2, 2010
  • by Kroy
  • in Video
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This is a pretty exciting, albeit not entirely fleshed-out project: is a web service that tries to automatically eliminate brand logos from your videos. See the neatly done demo video below. This is a great idea and I hope these guys get the funding they need to launch properly. I’d love to see this technology become available as a plugin filter for Premiere Pro, Avid, and Final Cut Pro so that we can apply auto-censoring directly on to our source footage and then encode/export as usual (I’m not a fan of using FFMPEG as encoding method for anything but the most crude online videos).

Further, if this technology could be developed to, say, blur or censor out faces, or do any similar auto/batch processing of that kind, that would be beyond cool.

Unlogo Intro from Jeff Crouse on Vimeo.

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