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At least at this point, Google Instant does not work with “adult keywords” – porn words. Apparently, Google decided to exclude sexual terms, including pornstar names and adult site brands (most of them, anyway). Presumably this is partially to protect kids from getting…ahem…unexpected results. If a kid means to search for “boots“, and gets to the “boo” part, you don’t want results for “boobs” to be the first suggestion.

I think you’ll understand the implications – or lack thereof – to the industry.

No More Pornstars

Try it. Type in Jenna Jameson. Google Instant won’t pull up instant results for anything past Jenna J. Makes sense – if someone is trying look up her 8th grade class mate Jenna Johnson, you don’t want Jameson’s stuff to pull up halfway of typing it. Try Eva Angelina. Same thing, her name doesn’t pull up. Nothing gets displayed after “Eva An”. Or Tera Patrick. “Tera Pa” is all you get. You have to type in the whole thing, then press “Enter” or Search.

No More Porn Brands (Kinda)

Oddly enough, while Google doesn’t allow words such as “Aziani” or “Twisty’s” to pull instant results automatically either, ‘Hustler” and “Playboy” did pull up. This is probably because ¬†some terms/names such as these two examples can have multiple meanings, not necessarily sexual. Other words like “pussy” and many of our other favorites don’t yield instant suggestions, as expected.

But Why Not These?

Of course while for some situation Google can pull the “we just want to protect the children” card, there’s no reason to exclude certain keywords. If you want to search for “cumshot” and get to the “cumsh”-part, nothing pulls up. Why? I can’t think of any non-sexual terms that begin with “cumsh”. It should be pretty clear to Google that once you’re past “cumsh” (or “blowj” or “fuck”), you’re looking for something really specific. “Pussycat Dolls” I can see be a problem. “blowjob” is pretty narrow though; and I don’t know of any non-sexual terms that start with “fuck”, do you?

And apparently Google is not able to filter out porn results from non-porn ones. Example: “bondage”. This term could and should pull tons of non-porn related results but instead doesn’t pull up anything.

Google Doesn’t Like Porn (But loves the money we make them)

So at this point I’m thinking Google just doesn’t want porn searches included in instant results for whatever reason (less server resources required since so many searches are/could potentially be adult related? Too much headache writing proper algos for filtering this stuff? Just didn’t get around to it yet?).

What experiences did you have with Google Instant so far?

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Google Instant. Is the sky falling or does it not matter at all? While I’m doing my own research on this, with particular focus on adult industry related SEO, check out what some of the Search Engine gurus have to say about it. Will Google Instant kill off SEO? What can you expect in terms of clicks you’re getting from Google if you change/don’t change the way you’re doing things right now?¬† I’ll keep you posted on my own findings but for now do spend a few minutes getting familiar with the core principles of Google Instant by perusing the following links below: (a rundown of how Google’s Suggest feature works) (Ubersuggest. Helps you understand how Google’s Suggest feature using your own keywords) (Matt Cutts on Google Instant)

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