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Maybe you’ve missed MPEG LA‘s announcement to keep the license for H.264 free. This has been a worry to everyone in the industry who has been offering H.264-encoded videos to consumers. Supposedly, MPEG LA, the licensing body for a number of highly popular video codecs and formats, was to start collecting licensing fees in 2016 (was set to be sooner, then got pushed back).

Today MPEG-LA stated it will keep licensing free – IF the video is free to end-users. So this means your members area videos in H.264 are possibly still subject to licensing fees. So keep this in mind when you think about offering new formats in the future…

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On-Camera Live HD BroadcastEver wanted to live stream your shoots as they happen – in High Definition? I sure did. Teradek’s Cube would have come in handy back when I did video production for and the site network. Back then we relied on simply plugging in a webcam in a laptop and, using our Adobe Flash Media Streaming servers, fed it into the members area. It worked but of course it wasn’t anywhere near HD quality.

With the Cube you can shoot your naughties like you usually do, and have them be broadcast live in all its g(l)ory High Definition at the same time. Setup seems very easy too. The Cube has its own IP address so I’d pair this thing with streaming servers again (by now there is more than just Adobe’s solution for that) and have a super swell treat for members. Or even for live teasers and promos – nobody says you have to live cast the entire shoot, ya know…

The Cube is not cheap but might be worth it if live broadcasts are your thing – Porn or not.

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Web devs and designers, here’s something that’ll come in handy: Alex Schreyer came up with a nifty way to re-arrange elements on any web page in a browser. This is great if you want to play around with different looks and layouts on your site (or any site, for that matter) but don’t feel like spending hours coding and recoding everything. Fluid Page is a bookmarklet – drag the link on Alex’ page to your bookmarks bar, then visit the site you want to play around with, and Fluid Page will do its jQuery magic. Note that once you refresh the page all your changes revert back but that’s where the screenshot function on your ‘puter comes in handy.

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Here is a list of what one of the bigger players in advanced tracking knows about you based on gathering your surfing habits on a variety of sites. Stunned yet?

Ads that magically appear to be eerily well tailored to your likes and needs have been popping up more and more over the past two years or so, haven’t they? And not only on Facebook, which is a well-known example of tracking and tagging your preferences to the point of being a potential privacy nightmare. See, those little ‘cookies’ you already know about have gotten a lot more sophisticated, and in many cases are now replaced or at least augmented by what’s called ‘beacons’, which are little programs that can track and store a lot more information about you.

While the Wall Street Journal is acting surprised, as if this is a new thing, fact is that it’s not. Tracking technology has become a lot more sophisticated over the past few years. Data can be collected about your surfing habits on a multitude of sites; this data then is aggregated, measured, compared, analyzed, profiled, compiled…and then sold. There are companies that offer these technologies, and then sell this information to advertisers, or directly to sites.

A good data mining company can figure out your approximate age, demographics, what types of movies and food you like, about how much money you make, who you tend to socialize with, if you’re the type who spends more for convenience, who else might live in your household, what type of medical problems you might have, and a lot more.

At this point, mainstream is doing this on a lot larger, more sophisticated scale than we are in adult entertainment. Sure, we have ad networks, most sites use some form of basic tracking method or service, and some of the larger sites and tube networks have their own tracking mechanisms, (some are custom solutions that are quite good but work best on larger, interconnected networks) – ┬ábut none are quite as detailed and far reaching as the mainstream big boys’. Yet.

BlueKai ain’t Statcounter, that’s for sure.

But even free tracking services have become a lot more sophisticated and detailed. Check out the new and improved Google Analytics. If you dive deep enough you’ll find some interesting nuggets. It’s not nearly as sophisticated as BlueKai’s (et al) tracking mechanisms, and it certainly can’t track consumer behavior over unrelated site networks, but it’s a start.

For now.

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