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QR Code for Membership Billing

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CQ Code membership billingImagine enabling membership sites to bill customers via QR codes.

SMS billing has been popular in Europe for a long time now, but it never really caught on for adult sites in the US. Now with the proliferation of QR codes on billboards, ads, app stores etc., consumers have become more and more familiar with the principle behind it.

Adding a QR code to your billing page (or really anywhere on your pay site) could potentially increase your membership signups because it’s super easy and quick to use: hold your phone’s camera to the code, let the scanner app scan it, and you’re done.  The QR code could either be linked to the consumer’s credit card, or be linked to his mobile phone bill.  I’d suggest there should be a confirmation screen to make sure the customer is aware he’ll be charged a membership fee by clicking “Ok”.

Of course all this would require the participation of banks, merchant accounts, and/or phone companies. But see how this would make a lot of sense?

I’m actually surprised our industry hasn’t embraced this yet. I don’t know of any legal reasons or technical limitations that would prevent QR codes from working as an alternative billing method.

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Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way for Facebook users to tag a friend as a VIP and get his/her status updates (and ONLY those from the tagged person) sent to the user’s email or SMS?
The same would be even better for Twitter.
There are some folks whose updates or tweets I just don’t want to miss.
Let’s face it, a lot of us have so many FB connections and follow so many folks on Twitter, it’s impossible to read everyone’s updates/tweets all day, every day.
If you are like me, you have a lot of FB friends who post a lot but it’s always crap. There are the chronic braggers, those who think everyone wants to know what they’re having to lunch…you know the types. But then there are a few I do care about. I don’t want to unfollow or “unfriend” everyone, but do want priority updates or tweets sent to me.

Ideally, Facebook and Twitter would implement this directly into their services. Second best option is a third-party app to do all this. Thoughts?

Gmail Allowing Hacker Ads?

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Gmail Ad for WifiRobin

Apparently Google’s standards for its advertisers isn’t as strict as one would think. I’ve spotted this ad for WifiRobin, a site that sells WiFi hacking equipment.  But then why am I surprised?

We’ve clearly become a society of thieves, since P2P, illegal tube sites and so forth are now talked about (even in mainstream media) with a wink-wink-nudge-nudge kind of attitude.

Still…I think offering a service that hacks into protected WiFi networks isn’t really something that should be allowed to advertise through AdSense…or anywhere. Thoughts?

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