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If you retouch photos of girls for a living and either just got started, or have been doing this so long you’re now just going through the motions, this may be of interest to you. Candies just did a new ad campaign with Britney Spears. Now, Britney looks very hot again, but as usual, stuff just gotta be ‘airbrushed’ anyway.

Smoothing skin, removing some tattoos, thinning the midriff/thighs/etc., and getting rid of some imperfections – you know the drill. But sometimes we tend to retouch too much. Or not what matters. And here’s the cool part, Candies released the before and after versions of some of the Britney Spears photos. They even made a nice animated GIF of Britney’s photos to show the pre- and post- Photoshop results.

Back view - Britney Spears Photohop comparison

If you’ve started to retouch the hell out of photos, this is a great reminder of how subtle changes go a long way. Don’t overdo it, but focus on the important areas. Look at the before and after photos as long as you like (for educational purposes, of course) and spot the differences.

This is actually a great opportunity to learn how the pros retouch babes – or rather, what they retouch, and what not.