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Jenna Jameson’s Girly Advice

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Jenna Jameson makeup tipsLooks like Jenna Jameson is back writing regularly on her blog House of Jameson (

It’s not at all what one might expect to read from who was once the world’s most popular pornstar until she became a (very sexy) mommy of twins. Jenna talks about fashion, make-up and even dares to venture into some unspeakably girly territories such as how to best carry around a supply of tampons without grossing out whoever is going through your purse. The whole thing is unpretentious, very honest, and relevant even to those women who don’t have a ton of money to spend on fashion and beauty. Make-up advice from a pornstar? I’m sure lots of ladies will want to scoop that out.

The blog is oddly informative, especially to women who are looking for insider make up and fashion advice. Jenna remembers her poor roots too and talks about where to buy sexy lingerie and makeup for cheap. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you have to spend it on looking good. Jenna understands that.

So if you ever wanted to get the inside scoop from a bona fide pornstar about properly selecting and using make-up, or how to spice up your wardrobe, Jenna’s blog is for you.

Regardless if you are in the adult industry or not, check out Jenna’s blog – you might just learn a trick or two.

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Insanely long line at the Changing Hands book store in Tempe, Arizona. Those with a ticket are assigned a group number. Since I don’t have six hours to just stand around I decided to pay someone in the group to call me when they are closer to the book store entrance. Not gonna cry if I never get that call…

Video camera: Blackberry Curve; Original Resolution 240×176 at 14.69 FPS

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HTC Supersonic render, courtesy of Andophones.comToday’s Marketing Lesson – by Sprint
The rumored Sprint Supersonic sounded like something I might stay with Sprint for but information on the mysterious device is fairly scarce. I wanted to find out a release date on the Supersonic but didn’t expect much of a clear answer from them. So I wasn’t surprised to get exactly that, however reading the “subtle” attempt to hype up the phone in the Sprint rep’s email response made me smile:
Thank you for contacting Sprint. Please be advised Sprint has not
released any information on when we will have the Supersonic; the first
live shot of HTC’s killer Supersonic for Sprint, a phone that we’ve
heard would feature HD2 -like specs in an HD2-like shell: 4.3-inch
display, fast processor, and an unbelievably thin body, to be specific.
With the inclusion of Android 2.1 with Sense and WiMAX, perfect for
Sprint’s budding 4G network. The site that’s leaked the photo also says
we can expect an FM radio and a 1GHz clock.
We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to address your
concerns. Please reply to this email or visit if we
can be of further assistance.
Case ID xxxxxxx
Thank you,
Sprint Premier Back Office
Dedicated to Excellence! More….Better….Faster!

The interesting part to marketers here is this: if you read the response (hint: power words) it’s clear that what is supposed to look like a personal opinion from a Sprint employee is a (not so) carefully worded hype element. Basically they are trying to stay mysterious and hush-hush, even distancing themselves from making an official statement by putting in a disclaimer (first sentence), while still confirming that the Supersonic is indeed coming out. And, without officially saying so, the email even gives some specs, which to me reads like an ad  for it. Listing the “leaked, not confirmed” specs and using words like “unbelievably thin body” is meant to whet my (the consumer’s) appetite. It worked. This style of quasi guerilla hype marketing is a bit unusual for Sprint. I like it.

I think Sprint needs to fight with everything it’s got. If this means to let their reps respond to inquiries about leaked phones with a bit of fake hype then so be it. Even if it’s cookie cutter text written to look like it’s the personal opinion from an employee and not a official Sprint statement is okay here. Yes, maybe this could be worded a little differently, a little less obvious. But I’m glad to see Sprint trying this route.

Browse External Drive with IPod, IPhone

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I had an idea that somebody with more time and dev skills could run with. Here it is: write an app that allows someone to plug the iPhone or an iPod Touch into an external hard drive and browse its contents.

I have to deal with literally hundreds of external hard drives clients give me, and some I use for my own long term storage needs. The pain is that no manufacturer has figured out a way to put even a basic LCD on it that allows me to see what’s on a drive without having to power it up, plug it in a computer, and go from there.

For most consumers this is a non-issue but if you have a lot of drives, checking what’s on a hard drive, or see how much disk space is left, can become very time consuming.

So it would be great if I could connect an iPhone/iPod Touch to an external drive via USB and at least see the file names and how much disk space is still available, without having to go through a computer. Ideally this would work even without having to use an external power adapter for the drive (some drives can be powered up via USB only), but I don’t know if that’s technically possible with the iPod/iPhone’s limitations. I understand the chipset in those is a USB slave only, but maybe some super geeky dev or company could come up with a way around that.

I hope this proposal makes sense. If you’re ready for a challenge, go forth and create. I know lots of folks like me will thank you and pay handsomely for an app like that.

Videographers Wishlist for the iPad

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Gary from Videoguys created a videographer’s wishlist for the recently announced Apple iPad. Given its limitations and closed development those wishes probably will remain dreams for the time being but the ideas are great. What’s your idea?

Make sure to follow Gary Bettan and Videoguys on Twitter @videoguys

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No porn for you!Adobe fired back at Steve Jobs’ bs about Flash not being necessary on his iPad/iPhone/iPod touch toys by showing a screenshot of prominent sites with the “missing Flash plugin” icon taunting the Apple gadget user. Among the images is a screenshot of popular pay site

Point made, Adobe, well done. Of course the employee who put this up apologized and removed the image. Why? It’s a valid point. Porn, like it or not, is a major part of the web. We can dance around the issue all day long but fact is more and more mobile device users access adult sites. If you have an iPhone or are planning on using the iPad, which would be a great porn browsing device by the way, then you’re out of luck.

At least has a mobile version (which isn’t nearly as complete as its main sites) but many other sites do not. Besides, the iPad would be perfect to access the full thing in all its glory. Well again, ya can’t.

Me thinks not allowing Flash on Apple mobile devices has less to do with instability issues, as Mr. Jobs claims, and more with the fact that once you allow Flash, users could get a gigantic amount of free stuff such as movies, videos (Hulu, for example) and games –  and Apple would prefer you pay for everything you consume on your Apple device.

Adobe should stick with this, it is a good point.

According to an article on Cnet, Steve Jobs basically said that people have too many problems with Flash on a Mac and that it doesn’t matter anyways in the future because web video will be presented via HTML5 instead of Flash. So despite massive requests for Flash on the iPhone and now the iPad, Apple won’t budge.

Hey, I love what HTML5 will be able to do. In the future. Flash is pretty bloated, yes. And while I personally never had any problems with Flash on my Macbook Pro, I believe that others do. But you know what Steve, your iPad is going to sell NOW. So we want to watch Hulu and all the other Flash-based video sites on it NOW. Not in the future. NOW.

See, this is the difference between a mega corporation like Apple and us “little porn guys”. If we pulled this “we don’t like this format so we’re not supporting it” bullshit we’d be out of business. For Apple, not having Flash is a feature.

From a marketing perspective, Apple is God. Making a lack of something a feature and claiming this lack is to provide a better user experience (because choice just isn’t good for people, apparently) is pure gold – mostly because a lot of people actually buy into that nonsense.

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