Archive for October, 2009 - Mobile PornRecently I’ve had the opportunity to go knee-to-knee with Mike Falco, Director of Marketing for mobile porn rising star Mike provides straightforward answers you absolutely cannot miss if you’re at all interested in doing business in the mobile adult content arena, be it as a webmaster or content creator. Mobile industry gold directly from Mike – here it is:

Kroy: Today I’m here with Mike Falco, whose mobile adult content company,, has been making some big waves over the past three years.
Mike, tell everyone a little about yourself…

Mike: We started our little media company three years ago. We were two associates in our late 20s and we were fresh out of school and very interested in the mobile market. Our initial strategy revolved around developing and marketing a series of mobile web portals. As we researched into mobile industry trends, our focus went from mobile portals to mobile porn, as we saw lots of growth potential in this industry. Needless to say, the growth of the mobile industry and mobile porn industry has been staggering. I am sure that you have read at least one news article depicting how the mobile industry is the future.

Kroy: Oh yes. By now most people are aware that the mobile adult market is here to stay and is going to continue to grow, but can you share some specific growth numbers or data for those who need a reminder of how big this thing actually has gotten?

Mike: The first key indicator of industry’s growth stems from what the major industry player are doing and investing in. Google, Apple, Microsoft, RIM and others are all investing HEAVILY into mobile and the mobile market. This info is very Read the rest of this entry »

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Here’s a quick video from the Google Wave development team you should check out. This is geared more toward the average user but keep an open mind and you can see how powerful Wave can be for photographers, videographers, editors, publishers, and really anyone who has stuff that needs to be worked on by others.

One example that comes to mind is a photographer can discuss specific edits he wants his photo editor to do – and give concrete examples on actual photos in real time using Wave.

Or you could collaborate with your web designer on what text or photos you want on that new site she’s designing for you. I also see collaborative blogging become more popular with Wave.

Really anyone who’s doing anything creative (particularly on the web) should become familiar with Wave.

I hope to see future integration with video editing apps, or at least a way to display a movie I’m playing in Windows Media Player or Quicktime on my desktop. Imagine showing rough edits you have sitting on your workstation to your client via Wave.

Google Wave is currently in invite-only Preview (beta) but it’s progressing nicely so I expect this to be available to the public shortly. The more people use Wave the more powerful it becomes (like email did, like fax did before that…).

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A quick thought…

I’m reading news coverage of a Morgan Stanley analyst (Kathryn Huberty) “predicting” that Apple’s iPhone would do much better without carrier exclusivity, that is, making the iPhone available on wireless provider networks other than AT&T.

The news articles generally make it sound like this is a new idea nobody else had thought of before.

A bunch of online media outlets that are pretending this is news, which makes it look like she’s the only one who has ever thought of it, or that this idea of parting with AT&T for increased iPhone sales is a new one. CNET, The Register, PC World, Business Week…they all want to make this sound like a big, new revelation. (At least CNET recognizes that many, many others have been saying this as well for some time.)

Apple is aware that being tied to AT&T is hampering sales: The web is full of people bitching about AT&T’s wireless service problems and there are more than enough people blatantly saying “I’ll buy the iPhone as soon as it’s not exclusive to AT&T” . I’m one of those by the way.

Those are big, blatant, and unmistakable clues to Apple, and anybody who cares about this sort of stuff as to what to do.

So why is this NOW such a seemingly head-slapping revelation? Because someone at Morgan Stanley said it is?

Another thing that bugs me here has nothing to do with Apple or the iPhone but the fact that investment firm analysts are still considered by many to be the next best thing to a finance Nostradamus. Those folks should be reminded that investment firm analysts had a strong hand in causing the financial mess we’ve all been experiencing for the past year or so. Analysts can be wrong. Analysts sometimes have agendas, like a financial interest in the industries, companies and products they talk about. This sways their expressed opinions on a subject to jive with the outcome they want to see. Please people, quit treating analyst words as gold.

So how does this matter to you?

This whole thing shows how a business, small or large, can spend tons of money and energy on hiring analysts or consultants for basic things the business should (and often does) already know – if it only LISTENED – or, if it does indeed already know, pulled its proverbial head out of its ass and followed through with it, instead of wasting more time and money on having analysts confirm their findings. This is especially true if the findings are so clear, as it is in this case.

While a good consultant can indeed do wonders, a lot of times it’s simply a matter of opening your eyes and ears and really, truly learning about your customers and those who could be.

In some cases this works (again – with the right consultant, for the right things). In many, many others it’s a tremendous waste of money though.

So ask yourself: how can your product/service be adopted by more people?

A simple question for which you should be eager to research the answer to.

Couple of sources on the MS analyst talking about iPhone exclusivity:;jsessionid=2BKMSVFOQ1IXPQE1GHPSKHWATMY32JVN

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