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I get the occasional email or tweet about which NLE (non-linear editing program) I think is the best, Apple’s Final Cut Pro, AVID’s Media Composer, or Adobe’s Premiere Pro.

That’s like asking which car is the best and the answer is the same: there is no “best” NLE, each one has its pros and cons but, most importantly, they all do pretty much the same in pretty much the same way.

Read more about some of the pros and cons to consider for each program, and why ultimately any of the three major programs will do what you want provided you put the time in to really learn about properly using your NLE of choice.

Rammstein Pussy Video Uncensored

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Rammstein’s “Pussy” video has launched and boy…it’s as hardcore as rumors made it out to be. Absolutely not safe for work – Pussy features full on hardcore scenes toward the end. Rammstein cocks in pussies, mouths, and cumshots. Personal verdict: awesome.
The song itself I find to be so-so, not my favorite Rammstein tune. But combining metal and porn is great in my book. Enjoy.

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This is how mainstream porn is in Europe: RAMMSTEIN‘s new video for their song “Pussy” premieres on a sex webcam site.,  On September 16th the rumored to be extremely raunchy video will be available to watch at .

Imagine Korn’s new video debuting on

Personally I think this crossover promotion is very cool. I don’t see this type of thing happen just yet here in the United States. It’s not a new trend either, many mainstream companies in several European countries, in particular Germany, have been embracing and promoting adult entertainment related services for years. For example, years back I recall finding huge mainstream sites like Deutsche Telekom’s main site linking to adult sites via it’s “erotic section”.

Sexual entertainment is pretty common in German mainstream media (thank goodness!). although I understand this has been toned down in recent years.

Rammstein porno on Bild ZeitungGermany’s largest newspaper is Bild Zeitung and for as long as I can remember it featured naked breasts almost daily. As a matter of fact, Bild Zeitung online is doing a feature now on…Rammstein’s “Pussy” video, including sneek peak and sexy pics, polls, and so forth.

The pic to the left here is on its main page right now. Imagine National Enquirer having tits on its front page. Or USA Today. Hmmmm…

Too bad they were blocking the video to viewers in the US the last time I checked.

I’m excited that a major band like Rammstein (one of my favorites since their debut album Herzeleid) is doing this at such a level though. It’ll be huge for I hope one day more mainstream outfits in the US will embrace “porn” more. It would benefit everyone involved, if done correctly.

Answer to emails about jumping on Mac

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Got some emails and tweets asking me if I’m jumping over to the Mac as my main platform since a lot of my recent posts were  Apple/Mac related.

The answer is NO. All my main editing and production equipment is Windows (Windows 7 mostly) based.  I do have a Macbook Pro and have made that my mobile admin and communication device, and I use it to troubleshoot some of my client’s Mac systems, and for cross platform compatibility testing.

While I do have Final Cut Pro and Compressor on the Mac I’m not using it other than to help FCP using clients out, or to convert the occasional Apple proprietary footage.

Thanks to everyone who asked!

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If you’re on Mac OS X Snow Leopard and have Quicktime X as well as the regular free edition of Flip4Mac you might get the error “QuickTime Player Must Be Installed to run this application“.

If so, download and install the free beta version of Flip4Mac for Snow Leopard. That should fix the issue.

Download the Flip4Mac beta for Snow Leopard here:

NOTE: I’ve decided: I seriously dislike Telestream and its Flip4Mac, and Episode Encoder applications. The latter simply wouldn’t even install properly and just threw up user authentication errors when I tried to make it work on Leopard a few months ago. Their “service” was non-existent. Costly piece of junk. And Flip4Mac Pro HD created horribly choppy, out of sync WMVs, while cheaper solutions such as DV Kitchen worked perfectly using the same source files and settings. I actually tried it on two different Macs, just to make sure I’m not crazy. For $179 you’d expect software (sorry…”app”) to at least work. And now Telestream can’t even get a fully working version of Flip4Mac out to Snow Leopard users. It’s the only way to play WMVs on a Mac so it’s a pretty important piece of software. You’d think making it work with Snow Leopard would have priority, and the free version (the one EVERYONE downloads) would have been fixed by launch date. No, you have to figure this shit out for yourself. Like Snow Leopard’s release just snuck up on Telestream. Incompetent and overpriced. I’m done with ’em.

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