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So you’re on Internet Explorer 8 and click a link that’s supposed to bring up your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird etc.) and email something to whoever the “mailto:” link was set to.

But instead of your mail client popping up you get an error message stating something to the effect that your mail client isn’t defined.

Here is a step by step guide of how you quickly set your favorite mail client as default email program in Internet Explorer 8.

HOW TO: set default mail client in IE8

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Trying to install Adobe CS 4 on Windows 7 or Vista and are getting the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)? There are numerous possible reasons but many of them point to problems with the Adobe installation DVDs themselves. Other issues are driver conflicts between Windows 7 RC and several DVD drives.

Here is how I installed my Adobe CS4 Production Premium on my main machine under Windows 7 RC.

You will need all your Adobe Creative Suite installation discs but you will not install directly from those discs. Rather you’ll install all your CS4 programs directly from your desktop…

Screenshot: Adobe CS4 installation on Windows 7

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Tired of separately logging into all the different social network and blog sites you belong to? Sick of having to remember every username and password combination to all those accounts?

You don’t have to. has got you covered – allows you to update your Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, WordPress, Blogger, Imeem, LinkedIn, and Delicious accounts (among many others) at once.

You can even update from your iPhone or laptop if you want. is currently in beta so expect a glitch here and there.

If you don’t have a mobile device but don’t want to shell out the money for an iPhone and overpriced AT&T contracts, will happily give you a deal for a compatible device called Peek. It lets you email and of course “ping” (update) your social media sites on the go. I haven’t tried one of these gadgets, just letting you know it exists.

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UPDATE 05/20Best Buy gets it! Just one day after the announcement that Sprint would sell the Palm Pre for $299 with a $100 mail-in rebate, Best Buy said today it’ll offer the Pre for $199 flat out. So there is hope for the Pre if Best Buy keeps word and maybe Sprint starts to see the light too.


So it was announced that the long anticipated Palm Pre smartphone will be available to Sprint vict…subscribers on June 6th.

The price is a penny shy of $200 …. after $100 mail-in rebate.

Palm Pre release date on Sprint


And that’s where the problem is: Sprint doesn’t get it. I’m betting Palm doesn’t get it either.

Mail-in rebates are bullshit. They’re inconvenient, and often mean you’re losing money because those rebate vouchers magically disappear in the mail, or the company hired to validate the vouchers goes out of business (happend last year, remember?)

Companies doing the mail-in rebate crap are betting on their customers being forgetful or dumb enough to not send in the rebate voucher on time.

So Sprint and Palm, on the verge of biting the dust, expect customers to shell out $300 and deal with the hassle of getting a rebate check some time this century.

No! Sprint needs to kiss its customers’ collective butts and do everything possible to make becoming or staying a Sprint customer as convenient and economically advantageous as possible.

Charging three hundred bucks for a crap shoot of a phone at the same time when one can get the leader of smartphones, the iPhone, and its other main competitor, the Blackberry Storm, for about two hundred bucks right out of the gate.

I’m sure there are lots of folks who’ll spend the money on the Palm Pre anyways. But will the numbers be large enough for Palm and Sprint to turn things around? This mail-in rebate stunt certainly doesn’t help.

This is really too bad because I think the Palm Pre is actually a great little gadget. I love the Touchstone, the wireless induction charger. And I’ve had good experiences with Palm products in the past. But pricing is often the make-it-or-break-it factor in the world of gadgets and smartphones (unless you’re Apple in which case you can charge a fortune for mediocre junk with shiny surfaces).

We’ll see how this pans out for Palm and Sprint.

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Black Hole Marketing

I call any form of advertising and marketing that’s wasteful and pointless Black Hole Marketing.

Yes you aren’t crazy – there really are stupid marketers doing stupid things all the time.

To give you an example, I just saw yet another TV ad from Comcast, advertising their new bundled cable Internet and TV packages. A nice TV ad, and I’d be interested in the offer – except Comcast doesn’t offer service anywhere in the metropolitan area where I live (a very big city. Oh screw it, it’s Phoenix).

I bet this ad is shown in many other areas where Comcast isn’t even operating. Black Hole Advertising.

The same evening I see another TV ad, and get a pamphlet from Sprint in the mail. Both forms of advertising talk up Sprint 4G, Sprint’s new super fast wireless internet access service. Download and upload speeds rivaling cable. Awesome. I so want it.

Problem: it doesn’t exist yet, except in Baltimore. Later this year a few other cities should have Sprint’s 4G service too. So why advertise this nationwide? To hype up demand for 4G prematurely?

That’s stupid marketing.

It’s stupid because it costs a lot of money to produce and air television commericals, and to print glossy color pamphlets that are sent to hundreds of thousands of people who can never buy.

It’s stupid because it tells thousands (millions) of people about something they can’t get, making the offer pointless. It’s not a “hype” thing either because you can’t hype something if you never plan on selling that something. The Comcast ad is a great example. Comcast isn’t in Phoenix, and will likely never come to Phoenix. But their ads are shown here on local TV, during prime time. Phoenix’ ad marketing isn’t cheap. Why not put this money towards advertising in areas Comcast does have service?

Some genius at these companies’ marketing departments thought it’d be a good idea to spend a few million dollars advertising to people who are not – and never will be – customers.

That’s money down a black hole.

This is frivolous spending because it cannot possibly yield any positive results. And yet you see this type of idiotic marketing everywhere.

Whether the marketing/ad people are just not paying attention, don’t care, or are really that incompetent doesn’t matter – the result is the same: wasted money and energy.

So, is your marketing effort seen by people who can actually be your customers?

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YNOT Adult Internet Business President Connor Young published an excellent primer article on the most common usability problems adult webmasters make when they design (or pay somebody to design) their site.

This is a great reminder to seasoned Adult Internet veterans, and a must-read to newcomers. There are many more usability issues commonly found on adult sites that cost the operator (you) money. Not everything’s covered here due to space constraints but the points Connor makes are the most common ones – and these usability problems apply to everyone, adult sites or not. has been around for a very long time and has been a pioneer in the Adult industry’s B2B sector. In fact when I started in the Industry,’s forum and articles helped me gain tremendously useful information without which I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.  Visit and read read read!

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Free Video CutterSometimes you want to trim a video clip but don’t want to open up your NLE (Non-Linear Editor, like Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Avid, etc.) for that.

Boilsoft Video Splitter and Free Video Cutter

A simple task such as cutting a clip in two or more parts shouldn’t be so hard but the number of decent video splitters online is astoundingly small. Most of the free splitters I’ve tried are pure junk. Even spending money on a splitter isn’t a guarantee that it’ll do what you want it to. I usually use the Boilsoft splitter because it doesn’t re-encode whatever I’m splitting. So that’s great for making clips out of large movies: it’s very fast and retains the quality.

If you’re building clips for galleries or online promos and just need to split and not edit anything, the Boilsoft splitter is decent. Not always entirely frame accurate but okay for most tasks. It’s not free but because it doesn’t re-encode and handles WMV, MPEG, AVI and other files very well it might be worth it.

Now there’s also the Free Video Cutter.

As the name implies, the Free Video Cutter trims down your movie and saves it in either MPEG4, WMV, FLV, DivX, MOV, or MP3 (Audio only). It’s a very basic application but it’s free and reasonably fast.

Free Video Cutter Notes

It seems to re-encode the clips, even if the output format doesn’t change from the input format. And it uses the old WMV8 codec (Four CC code: wmv2) to encode to WMV. WMV9 is the standard these days, it looks better and is more efficient. I wouldn’t use the Free Video Cutter to encode to WMV, unless the video quality isn’t absolutely critical to you. Still, for a cheap and easy quick video trim job this tool might be your ticket.

TIP: before you do anything, click the “Options” button and check the “Don’t create video thumbs” box. Depending on your system, FVC takes quite a while to create these thumbnails. Kinda defeats the purpose of super quick trimming, ya know.

Download Free Video Cutter (free)

Download Boilsoft Video Splitter (not free)

Both are for Windows programs and they work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 (yes!)

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If your laptop’s touchpad doesn’t scroll properly on Windows 7 or Vista your driver needs to be updated.

Here is a driver provided by Dell for the ALPS touchpad. However, this driver may work on other touchpad brands as well so give it a try.

ALPS Touchpad Driver for Vista and Windows 7 32 bit

Other Windows 7 drivers you might find usefull:

Intel Pro Wireless adapter driver (if your laptop can’t get online with Windows 7)

ATI Mobility Radeon driver ( ATI mobile graphics cards only)

Before you download: Always check for newer drivers on the driver providers’ web site. Also remember that these drivers were released by Dell and were originally meant for Dell laptops. The drivers here may or may not work on your particular system.

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Install Intel Pro Wireless driver on Windows 7If you are having problems getting online with your newly installed Windows 7 (or even Vista) on your laptop or notebook, you probably need the proper driver for your wireless adapter.

Here is how you install the proper driver in Windows 7, we’ll use the Intel Pro Wireless driver since that’s the one I’ve had to install for my Windows 7 RC copy. But the steps will work for any wireless adapter driver you want to install on Windows 7.

Note: your wireless adapter may be different and therefore require a different driver. You can download the Intel Pro Wireless driver for Windows 7 and Vista 32 bit here. If  you require a different driver do not download or install the driver here as it may cause problems with your system.

For your reference, the driver originally came from Dell and was provided to owners of Dell Inspiron laptops which have the Intel wireless adapter included. Read the installation instructions carefully please.

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Moving to a new machine? Maybe moving from Windows Vista or XP to Windows 7 and you want to take all your emails with you? You’ll want to move your Thunderbird account including passwords and emails, right? Sure you do.

Windows 7 Thunderbird Mail Profile Location

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