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HFS ExplorerSince at the time of this writing Mediafour’s MacDrive still doesn’t work with Windows 7 I thought it’s a good idea to let you know that you can access Mac-formatted hard drives via a free utility called HFSExplorer.

It’s not as easy to use as MacDrive but it’s free and it gets the job done. You will be able to move files from your Mac formatted drive over to your Windows machine but probably won’t be able to work with it like you would with MacDrive, ie use, for example, Premiere Pro to access the drive directly.


1) Install HFS Explorer (download it here)

2) Once installed, open up HFS Explorer, go to FILE > Load File System from Device

3) From the pop up select Autodetect, or select the device (= harddrive) yourself.

4) It should open up a window of your Mac formatted drive now.

5) Select the folder(s) you want to copy and click Extract

6) Select the folder on your Windows machine you want the files copied to

If it asks you if you want to follow symbolic links click select No

HFS Explorer should now copy your files to your Windows machine. Make sure you close our HFS Explorer before removing the external hard drive.

Hope this helps.

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Good news for those who followed my Market7 review from a few weeks ago.

Today I received an email from Brian Baumley announcing several different subscription packages including – get this – a FREE one. He wrote:

(…)   Market7 ( is introducing a variety of subscription packages (including free!) for its online video collaboration services to fit any budget or scale. Today, anyone can visit to get started with free to premium access to a comprehensive suite of collaborative tools that address the entire video production process, from pre to post.

So go check out Market7 right now. If you can’t remember what it is, check out the details about Market 7 here.

The free subscription is really meant for you to try this out to see if it fits your flow. It’s limited in storage allowance and number of Admins but it’ll give you a good idea of its capabilities. Enjoy!

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The annual Phoenix Forum is coming up, this time around it’ll be from April 2nd though the 4th, with some folks drizzling in well before that to enjoy the fairly mild weather here in Phoenix, Arizona.

Once again it’ll be held at the Mission Palms hotel in Tempe, Arizona.

About The Phoenix Forum

CCBill hosts the Phoenix ForumThe Phoenix Forum is one of the many annual events where adult webmasters, content producers, affiliate programs, and others in the adult industry come together for a few days of networking, seminars, and of course lots of (usually surprisingly civilized) debauchery.

It has become one of the largest of its kind. Internext, the Las Vegas yearly event, may still be larger in terms of attendance but The Phoenix Forum is growing by leaps and bounds every year.

CCBill has been organizing the Phoenix Forum for 10 years now. If you’ve ever joined a adult site chances are CCBill took care of charging your credit card. They’re great and honest guys and I trust and like them. They don’t screw over customers. If they did they wouldn’t be the number one billing company in the industry.

My Schedule

I’ll be on a panel on optimizing adult paysite members areas for profit on Friday from 11 am to 12:30. (“How To Develop a Profitable Members Area”, Room F)

Whenever I’m on a seminar panel I tend to speak my mind. I don’t try to pitch my consultant services so I don’t have to be concerned with being PC or anything like that.

If I think something we all are doing is stupid or just doesn’t work I’ll say so and give examples of why it’s stupid or doesn’t work. If I don’t believe in or like a product or service or sponsor or company or whatnot I won’t pretend I do and tout its benefits to panel attendees.  So on a panel I’m pretty much like I am with my clients. Just nicer. A little.

Some of my fellow adult pros might hate that but in general I think my attitude is welcomed by most. My clients definitely appreciate it.

Like in any industry you have lots of ass kissing and backslapping going on.

Of course while one hand slaps your back the other might hold a knife, ready to cut your throat the second you fall out of favor. That’s not at all unique to the adult industry. Still, I watch out for that.

If you are new to the adult industry and can spare a few hundreds bucks for registration fees and hotel (Mission Palms is sold out), try to spend a day or two here. You’ll learn a lot and make new friends in the industry.

Here is the full seminar schedule in case you can make it.

If you need to get a hold of me, try catching up with me after the seminar at around 12:30. After my panel duties I’ll be meeting with clients for a few hours, maybe catch up with old friends, and then I’m out.

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