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Market7 Review

Remember I told you about a tool for video editors, production teams, and clients that got me quite excited? Today I am happy to share with you my thoughts on Market7, a production collaboration service that works entirely online. Nothing to install and it works regardless if you or anyone you work with are on a Mac or PC.

Market7 Review

Buzz Aziani signs pornstar Priya Rai

  • at February 18, 2009
  • by Kroy
  • in Models
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Priya Anjali RaiMy BFAM Buzz Aziani recently signed one of adult’s hottest porn stars, Priya Rai. Her site is now live at Priya Anjali

Priya is one of my favorites too so I’m really happy for Buzz to have landed this superhottie. I spoke to him briefly about it and he’s excited to work with Priya and shoot her pictures and videos on a regular basis. What’s more, Priya is doing live cam shows for her members, something Buzz has always been stressing to our models.

As with other contract girls, Priya will be sharing her daily thoughts and misdeeds in her diary section on the site. should offer unmatched interaction with Priya and I’m very happy for her and my extended Aziani family.

I’ve loved Priya Rai’s stuff so far but frankly with Buzz now shooting the content for her site she’s going to soar to even higher levels. I admire Buzz’s talent and have learned so much from him.

I still think Buzz is one of the best photographers in the business and that says a lot.

Priya Rai drops her pants

Combine that with one of the hottest girls in the biz and you’ve got a winner.

A hot, sexy, very naughty winner.

Buzz and the crew started working with Priya Rai after I went my own direction so I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting her yet.

I’ve worked with a lot of porn stars but Priya’s definitely on my top list and I’d love to meet her.

And if Buzz actually signs a girl it means she’s got to have a fun personality. That’s always been the case and always will be.

So check out Priya Anjali Rai’s site right now and be prepared to be stunned – she’s unbelievably hot and her new exclusive movies and pics are of course absolutely droolworthy.

PS: I found out about two more stars who recently signed with the Aziani network. Oh you’ll be surprised!…

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MacDrive 7 - does not work on Windows 7 yetIt’s such a bummer – I’ve been having a ball editing on Windows 7 using the Adobe CS4 suite with nary a problem. As a matter of fact, virtually all my other applications work flawlessly on Windows 7 and over all I have to say my workflow is now even faster and more efficient, particularly on the Windows 7 64 bit platform.

However there is one exception that really throws this all off and that’s the fact that MacDrive does not work with Windows 7 at all. You can’t even install it.

Mediafour is aware of the problem and doesn’t seem to care too much right now. Here is what they have to say about this.

Since some of my clients use external firewire drives formatted for the Mac, I’ve been using MacDrive for some time with great success on XP.

So if you plan on jumping over to Windows 7 (and I recommend it) then you won’t be able to use MacDrive.

One workaround:

1) Set up dual boot on your system. Say Windows 7 plus Windows XP.

2) Boot into Windows XP, import your footage to your main editing drive (I use RAID 0 drives for raw files) from those Mac-formatted drives using MacDrive as usual.

3) Restart and boot into Windows 7. This will work. A pain in the butt for sure but until Mediafour gets its act together there’s no other way.

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What is it?

Watch this space folks! I’ve been approached by a company that has a new tool for my fellow video and production folks that’ll downright revolutionize your workflow. I’ve had a mind blowing introduction to it from its creators and I’ve come away quite impressed.

This is a wonderful new tool for: video editors, production teams, animators, producers, and shooters.

More details to follow soon so stay tuned!

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So apparently some Comcast cable subscribers were treated to a unexpected 30 second porn interruption during this year’s Super Bowl. The girl featured in that short clip is Tristan Kingsley and I had the pleasure to shoot videos of the young lady some time ago for

Tristan Kingsley interview

Click here to read everything about Tristan Kingsley’s video and photo shoots for Aziani (some of her very first) and check out some very NSFW video screen shots. (EXPLICIT!)


Other Tristan Kingsley/ Super Bowl porn sources

Tristan ambushed by TMZ

Comcast apologizes for Super Bowl porn incident


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