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Just a quick heads up for those of you thinking about this…I’ll soon discuss here how to successfully install, run, and use Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, and Photoshop CS4 64bit on Windows 7 64 bit.

Still experimenting with settings, various drivers for my Quadro FX cards, sound cards, and so on, but so far (almost) everything works quite well. There are some issues though which I will address in a future post.

Stay tuned!

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Windows 7 Workgroup Name InputRunning through the current beta of Windows 7 to make sure my clients and myself will be properly prepared once Microsoft’s new OS officially launches (probably by the end of 2009), one thing Windows 7 needs improvement on is its Networking features.

Click here to read how you can join your home network…sorry, workgroup…in Windows 7.

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SUPER converts to WMVWell, kind of. I was all jazzed up when I downloaded my (not so secret ) weapon for some of my video and audio conversion jobs – SUPER – and saw that it now converts any video file into WMV9.

I’ve been using SUPER for years because it can do some amazing things and astoundingly it’s free. The limitations of SUPER however were severe: you couldn’t convert your stuff into WMV9 (VC1), or On2 VP6 based Flash, only Sorenson.

That’s unfortunate because WMV9 is the standard for web bound WMVs, and if you’re watching Flash videos chances are those were encoded with the On2 VP6 codec which is far superior to Sorenson.

SUPER is basically a graphical user interface (GUI) program that uses encoding tools like FFmpeg, MEncoder, theora/vorbis, x264, and others to convert nearly any video or audio file to any other video or audio file.

It can even do some stuff that those expensive encoders can’t, like integrating the AAC audio codec with the H.264 video codec, and letting advanced users use AviSynth to add even more capabilities.

And now SUPER can convert your stuff into WMV9 and WVC1.

Or at least it’s supposed to because SUPER kept crashing >>> Read the rest of this entry »

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