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SiN 2.0 Adult Professional Podcast and NewsThe SiN 2.0 Sex Information Network, a news and information center for professionals in the adult industry, just put up my recent interview. J-SiN and me discuss Content Production (video and photos).

J-SiN and me had a lot of fun so the interview went  a bit long and it’s broken down into two parts. Part one is up right now.

If you’re thinking of starting to shoot naughty stuff, or are already doing that and need some tips or a refresher or two click on over to SiN 2.0.

While you’re there, download and listen to all the other great podcasts and interviews with some of the smartest minds in the industry. Never hurts to learn a new thing or two, does it?

UPDATE: as of 10/20 the second part is available now too on Sin 2.0. The second part of this podcast deals with proper equipment choices and post-production tips.

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cheap looking new MacbookNope, I won’t be talking about the “new” Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, or the 24 inch Apple display that were announced by a scarily thin Steve Jobs today.

(image to the left stolen from Gizmodo. Hello, Giz. Love ya!)

Go to Engadget or Gizmodo for your fix. Warning: nothing too exciting here, new MacBooks look more like cheap toys and are still overpriced for what they deliver.

New touchpad is gigantic and doesn’t have buttons. Displays are rediculously reflective to get any serious work done with your lights on. Moving on.


Of more importance is Mr Jobs’ revelation that Blu-ray’s licensing is causing a lot of headaches and it looks like Apple is going to wait for these things to sort themselves out before they put major support behind it.

Kudos to Apple on that – I shuddered when Blu-ray became the chosen format of choice of movie studios (and therefore killed of any hopes for the HD DVD format to take off) because of one thing: licensing issues.

My fellow editors will undoubtedly have noticed the problem: you could happily release HD DVDs without any major licensing fees but Blu-ray (Sony) won’t allow this: you gotta pay a lot to release your stuff on Blu-ray.

Blu-ray looks just fine, specs are decent and all that. But the fact that it takes major money to pay for licensing fees effectively killed of all hopes of smaller studios to push out high definition DVDs. Bad. Bad. Bad.

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This has got nothing to do with video editing or marketing (well, kind of) but my fellow fighter jet geeks will appreciate this (animated) video of the new F-35 Lightning II. Specs are amazing and for what it’s worth the vertical takeoff and landing just looks fucking cool.

From a video perspective it shows how even a very short video can make the hair on your back stand up if done right. Short and sweet is good.

Think about that next time you edit your masterpiece.

F-35 Lightning II

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Phone reviews

Touch screen fever got the best of you?

Wondering about the new HTC Touch Diamond, Samsung Instinct, or alternative phones that look cool, and more importantly, help you get your work done faster?

In the market for a new mobile phone I spend some quality time at the local Sprint store with the HTC Touch Diamond, Samsung Instinct, Blackberry Curve, and Blackberry Pearl – read the full review here.

Note: all images from Engadget.

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