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Magic JackMagic Jack Review

I like to try new things, especially when they could mean more efficient and productive work.

A small portable device that lets me make phone calls from any phone from any computer sounded like it would fit the bill.

On my never ending quest to a more mobile and efficient office I decided to purchase and try the Magic Jack, a small USB-powered device that is promised to allow you to make phone calls via your computer and your existing broadband internet connection. Supposedly you plug in the Magic Jack into your USB port, plug in any analog phone and you can make calls.

The price for one entire year of free calls within the United States and Canada is around $20 plus one time shipping of the device.

The first 30 days are supposedly a risk free trial.

So unlimited long distance and local calls for twenty bucks, sounds great.

I ordered one device for testing purposes.

MAGIC JACK – in practical application

The Magic Jack arrived about a week after ordering. It came in a small box which included the Magic Jack plastic box, and a USB extender cable.

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