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Extortion through Pop-Ups

To my dismay I learned about a porn site that uses extortionist and absolutely unacceptable tactics to bill users. According to the news, they let surfers sign up for “free” for three days and if the membership is not cancelled within that time frame your computer will be taken over! You’ll get pop-ups that you can’t remove and your computer will be controlled by THEM.

They even state so in their terms of service disclaimers but who the hell reads that crap, right? So they make you install a program and then you’re fucked: Basically you’ll get hit with a pop-up nightmare and possibly won’t be able to use your computer at all if you sign up with their scum bag site and don’t cancel. In order to get rid of the pop-up hell and get back your control over your computer they force you to pay a steep fee. Rediculous! 

Never download programs unless you asked for them

Stay safe surfing porn

So for the slow of learning some advice: If a dialog box pops up that tells you to save/download a program (.exe) file and you didn’t specifically look for this program, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT.  This goes for every site on the web, and all your emails. Again, if you didn’t ask for a program and it tries to download one anyhow don’t do it. 

  •  Besides Flash, Windows Media Player, Quicktime, and maybe Shockwave you should never have to download anything else to watch porn.
  •  No legitimate adult site forces users to download any programs or “custom viewers”. None.

These assholes give porn a bad name

I’m outraged about this – sleazy bullshit tactics like this give everyone in the adult industry a bad rep because the media didn’t specify what “adult site” they were talking about when they broke the news. So uninformed consumers might think all adult sites are alike.

This is not so.

Here is an article from security site AvertLabs that goes a bit more into detail and even mentions the site by name.

I won’t do that because those low life bastards don’t deserve a link from me. Here is the article about this extortion scheme. 

So I’d like to officially distance myself from this practice and let you know that shit like this is absolutely not in any way typical or normal for site operators. The outfit running this scheme appears to be operating out of Great Britain (according to information) and has its own billing system (that’s how they get around this). I do not know these people and would never do business with people like this.

More tips on safe adult site surfing

  • When you go searching for your porn please always make sure you only go to trusted sites.
  • Go to review sites to get the scoop on the sites in question.
  • Do a search or two in Google and Yahoo and see what comes up. Negative reviews tend to spread quickly on the web.
  • If possible make sure the sites you are interested in are run by US-based companies. The US does have excellent consumer protection laws all US based companies, including porn sites, need to follow them. Failure to do so can have very severe consequences, more so than in many other countries where consumer protection isn’t enforced as strictly.

Removing pop-up malware from porn site

In case you did get suckered in to their scam, here are some ways to remove their piece of shit malware from your computer:

Manual deletion – requires knowledge of registry keys

Automatic removal

Interestingly even security giant McAfee doesn’t seem to be able to get rid of this junk so the links provided above may or may not work properly.

*end of rant*

Abbey Brooks in stockings

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Abbey Brooks in stockings

While working on a new Aziani trailer I came across one of the recent Abbey Brooks videos. I thought I’d share a screen shot of the video with you so you know what you can expect. And another screen shot of Abbey’s fantastic tits, because I’m in a good mood. Hmmmm….Abbey!

Abbey Brooks' big natural tits

(And yeah of course Abbey gets completely naked and does her thing with toys and stuffs nylons in her pussy, orgasms on the Rocker and the Sybian and all that. But I’m not gonna show you that here. Cause I’m mean. Hehehe)

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