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Abbey Brooks and meBuzz and me had quite a busy weekend – we met up with superhotties Eva Angelina, Abbey Brooks, Mariah Milano, Dayton (aka Dayton Raynes) and Taylor Kurtis.

Abbey had shot for us before and because she’s been so popular with our members we asked her to come back. And it’s a good thing we did because we’ve got some scorching stuff of our busty blonde. She’s a real sweet sex nugget too which is always a bonus during shoots.

I’ve been trying to get one of my favorites, Eva Angelina, to come out to our studios for quite some time and we finally were able to hook up with her. I was and still am totally excited about that and I was not disappointed when Eva showed up at the studio on Sunday.

Eva Angelina and me on set in CaliforniaDespite her immense popularity Eva is as down-to-earth and sweet as it gets. She’s beautiful, smart, funny and disciplined – a mixture I think is very hot. Eva got to ride the Sybian, the rocker, masturbate with pantyhose, and do a private video for her fans among the Aziani members. I love the fact that Eva still cums during shoots.  In short: I love Eva Angelina. Awesome girl.

Taylor, Dayton and Mariah Milano all were a pleasure to have around as well. These girls live for what they do and enjoy every minute of it. I think that comes across in their photos and videos, which is important.

I have to admit I wasn’t all that familiar with Mariah Milano before she showed up but she quickly turned out to be one of my favorite naughty girls this year. She’s a fucking riot, people! The greatest skin tone, and a genuine appetite for sex. Mariah is constantly flirting, teasing and (thankfully!) delivering.

On set with Mariah MilanoShe’s totally in love with the Sybian by the way. After she was done riding it once she jumped on it again to get off once more. I had already turned off the camera but was able to capture her second orgasm just in time. Thank goodness for Canon’s excellent standby record option.

You should add Mariah Milano to your Myspace friendslist.

All videos were shot on a Canon XL H1 and Sony HVR Z1U.

Eva Angelina, Abbey Brooks, Taylor Kurtis, Dayton, and Mariah Milano photos and videos will appear shortly on

Audrey Bitoni in Pantyhose

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Audrey Bitoni in pantyhoseThis has got to be my favorite Audrey Bitoni video I shot. Favorite because, well, it’s fucking Audrey Bitoni and she is tending to her juicy (and I mean juicy!) pussy while wearing a shiny pair of pantyhose. Oh hell yeah!

Here’s a preview of the video.

And if that weren’t enough, big titted wonder Hannah Hilton also updated on Aziani today. She’s so unbelievably popular (hmmm…wonder why haha) we just had to have her come back. Several times actually. Hannah Hilton is here.

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I’ve received a couple of emails lately from people having problems playing High Definition WMVs on their Windows Media Players. This is in addition to the usual “I’m on a Mac and can’t play WMVs – help!” emails I get every week.

I made a FAQ page that should clear up virtually 99% of all issues. Regardless if you’re an Aziani member or not you should check it out if you experience problems with videos.

Microsoft WindowsIn a nutshell, for some reason almost all problems recently are because of a corrupted Windows Media Player file. To find out if your WMP is screwed up download the free VLC Media Player and play your movie files. If it works on the VLC player your Windows Media Player is corrupted. If so you simply uninstall Windows Media Player and download and re-install a fresh copy on your system. You can find the latest version of the Windows Media Player here.

Don’t ask me why. My suspicion is that one of the recent Microsoft updates caused many Windows Media Players to get corrupted. Or it could just be coincidence that many users all of a sudden experience problems with their Windows Media Player. I don’t know.

Whatever the reason, I rarely ever get emails about problems with our videos and virtually all of the emails from the past few weeks dealt with broken Windows Media Players.  All members followed my steps on the video trouble shooting page and are now able to play all of our videos perfectly.

Apple MacBy the way, the other emails not dealing with Windows Media Player problems were from Mac users. The question/problem is always the same and the solution here was simple: you must have the latest version of Flip4Mac to play WMV movies on your Apple box.

Detailed note: only the most recent Flip4Mac software can play WMVs that were encoded with the Microsoft Windows Media 9 Advanced Profile codec. There’s not a lot of them out there yet but the number is growing so you’ll need to get your new Flip4Mac soon.

All trademarks and logos are property of their respective owners. I’m not affiliated with Microsoft, Apple, the makers of the VLC player, or Telestream (Flip4Mac).

Audrey Bitoni videos on Aziani

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Audrey Bitoni videosAudrey Bitoni does it for me. Yesterday her 3rd video went live on Aziani (trailer is here) and I gotta say she’s looking hotter than ever. I love her big tits.

Working that day with Audrey was a lot of fun. She came in on time, not all that talkative at first but that quickly changed as we got to know each other more and she became more comfortable. By the end of the day there was lots of laughter and even some personal insights (yes…do not miss her interview video!).

The highlight has got to be when Audrey rode the Sybian for the first time. She wasn’t sure what to expect and she asked me to control the Sybian while she fucked it. And GOOD LAWD Audrey went crazy on that thing. She came over and over again, her pussy was literally fucked sore and dripping wet when she was done. She was absolutely, positively not faking it – Audrey really came with the Sybian.

Anyway, check out Audrey’s videos and photos on Aziani, I think you’ll love her too.

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