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New sweet Aziani tour and trailer!

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After weeks of designing, coding and trailer work I’m happy to announce the new Aziani tour is finally up and boy is it sexy! Buzz did the bulk of the coding work (because if I had done it the tour would not be done until the year 2345) and he did such a great job, I’m fricken proud, man! Check out the tour trailer too, I did do that one. I’ll change it up every few weeks or so. Let me know whatcha think of the trailer and the new tour.


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Another day shooting candid pantyhose and stockings videos of women who actually wear them sexy nylons because…well, they like it. Yes, those ladies do still exist and yours truly finds them and shoots them with his favorite HD video gear. They may be at work or at the store or at home, but wherever they are they are wearing shiny pantyhose or stockings. Here are a few screen grabs for ya so you know I’m not bullshitting you.

Secretary in stockings relaxes at home

And yes of course the videos are all High Definition and HUGE on your screen.  No big pics now to jerk to, nooooo, you gotta wait for the site to open up. The waiting will be worth it, trust me! No more details, you just have to wait and see.

Ummm…so what’ve you been doin’ today?


crossed legs in black stockings while working on the computeryoung pretty secretary in pantyhose

she plays with her black pantyhose while watching TVplaid skirt, black stockings over white stockings

black panties under black shiny pantyhoseshe pulls her pantyhose up and adjusts them on her legs

Exclusive candid pantyhose and stockings videos. Soon!

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Audrey Bitoni. Photo by Scott St James. So what’s up this week? Lots! But I think the highlight will be a two day shoot with four sexy ladies in Los Angeles, including one of the hottest new faces – Audrey Bitoni! And if you are a Audrey Bitoni fan you’ll have noticed how there isn’t much information about this girl. Well, your man Kroy is of course looking to change that. Let’s get some naughty movies of Audrey, and maybe a some interviews to get to know the babe. I for one want to know what’s up with her, how she got started, what she does when she’s not being a sex goddess on screen. I also want to hear about her favorite sexual fantasy, maybe even her “first time“. Don’t you?

The photo here was shot by Scott St James (whoever he is…but excellent work!) and are part of her current portfolio on LA Direct Models, her modeling agency and one of my absolute favorite agencies to work with. Their girls are smoking hot, unbelievably talented, extremely disciplined and … on time!

Oh and don’t forget: we’ll stream the shoot of Audrey Bitoni LIVE on as it happens so don’t miss it. Thursday’s the day – be there!

Who else will be in my claws this Thursday and Friday? Super sulty babe Maya Gates, for one. And you’ll just have to see about the rest of them…you’ll be in for a nice surprise! :)

By the way, I think it’s time for another hot pantyhose video. I hope Audrey’s up for it, I want to see her long legs nyloned up. Actually, I think I’ll get all the ladies in pantyhose, how about that? Maybe some sexy black stockings too. Hmmmm…

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