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Office prank videos

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You know there’s a problem when the usually stern and serious minded site puts out a new section of OFFICE PRANK VIDEOS. Forbe’s site is a great example of what NOT to do when you try to build your brand online. They annoy visitors with an armada of ads (many of them with audio) and the load times of many of its pages is pretty abysmal about 50% of the time. I remember a time when entire sections wouldn’t load at all. I like Forbes magazine but can’t stand their site.  I do like some of the office prank videos but then again Forbes is a business magazine, not an entertainment hub. This got me thinking…(Oh god):

I imagine I’m not the only one and it appears Forbes is really trying to figure out what’s wrong. But instead of looking at the obvious (talking ads. several of ’em. Bad layout. Slow response times. I mean c’mon!) they figure they just need to be more “hip”. And what’s hipper than funny videos, right? YouTube does it so why not Forbes.

Trying something different is good. Trying something different to desperately to save ratings or viewers is called Jumping The Shark. At least that’s what it’s called in TV production. I don’t know if that’s what Forbes is doing but it sure seems like it.

Wikipedia has a perfect explanation of the term Jumping the Shark and its origins:

Jumping the shark is a metaphor that was originally used to denote the tipping point at which a TV series is deemed by a viewer to have passed its peak, or has introduced plot twists that are illogical in terms of everything that has preceded them. Once a show has “jumped the shark,” the viewer senses a noticeable decline in quality or feels the show has undergone too many changes to retain its original charm. The term has also evolved to describe other areas of pop culture, including movie series, music, acting celebrities, or authors for whom a drastic change was seen as the beginning of the end. Some have broadened its use to simply describe any decline in appeal for the subject in question, without requiring a significant “jump the shark” moment.[1] The term derives from an episode of Happy Days, where Fonzie jumped over a shark on water skis.[2][3][4]  “


Always stable: Aziani videos

Andie Valentino masturbates - new video

Luckily we don’t need to resort to stuff like that on Aziani. Hot girls are always in demand so there’s no need to change anything drastic. Case in point: check out Penthouse Pet ANDIE VALENTINO’s latest video update. She’s a little hottie with “cute” stamped all over her tight body. So does my latest obsession Lena, who also just had a new video update on Aziani. Hmmm….sexy girls…



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So I upgraded the blog software and as attentive reader you may have noticed a bit o’ FUBAR-ness going on. For the life of me I can’t get the damn side bars to display correctly. The style sheets look fine. So fuck it, I’m gonna go with a new look altogether. Still undecided on the look and what templates to use/design but I’ll definitely do it.

Today I was getting together a bunch of pictures to give to our affiliates to promote Aziani with. We launch new set of hosted gallery tools every two weeks or so and I go through each applicable picture set (or video) and handpick what I think looks best. I want our affiliates to make a lot of money so this is time well spent. One of the images I came across was of 19 year old blonde cutie Lena who shot pictures and videos for Aziani just a few weeks ago in LA.

And my GOOD LAWD is she fine. I mean FYYYYNE. Check out the photo of Lena below. Doesn’t she have the cutest face and greatest looking ass? Click here for Lena’s high resolution photo. That face and ass must be enjoyed in its full glory.

Cute blonde Lena nude for Aziani

So yeah, Lena. She makes me go…mmmmh…mmmhh…oooh….I just wanna….mmmmhh….ooooh…aaaahummmm….and then….oh yeah!

And finally, guess who’s working on a all-exlcusive pantyhose site featuring hot, American ladies? No pornstars either, just real women wearing heels and hose. It’ll be a bit but brace yourself for this one if you’re a hose lover cause your man Kroy doesn’t half-ass stuff as you may have noticed.

What else? Well, every girl featured on Aziani now has DVDs available. New Aziani members can pick one for free. They’ll also be available later at the Aziani store and probably in your favorite um…adult bookstore soon. Cassia Riley, Charlie Laine, Jelena Jensen, Marlie Moore, Jamie Lynn, Hannah Hilton, Lena, Sienna West, Shyla Stylez…everybody’s got a DVD now. Sweeeeeet.

Good times.

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