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Phoenix Forum

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So we’re attending the Phoenix Forum from Thursday through Saturday. Luckily I live close by where the action is so I can go to my home office or the studio during downtime and actually get some work done in between the drinking binges. Pics to follow. Maybe.

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A reader sent in the following question:

“Why hasn’t someone taken a really good script for a love story and made
a movie that includes tons of graphic love making – just the way it is?

I’m sure an art movie with porn rated material (even if
love-making) won’t get much distribution.  I know several independent
films have gotten the X kiss of death.  Still, I’d love to see a movie
that has a great story, acting, and totally graphic love making.”


It’s actually done quite a bit. Several European and US companies have some pretty fantastic movies with excellent cinematography.
Everything pretty much looks and feels more like a mainstream or indie feature, except it’s got hardcore in it.

Problem: it is very hard to sell full features (which are generally more desired by the couples market) on the web. And even in the DVD/store sales world, expensive feature movies with plot and style often (but not always) do not come near the sales of “cheaply” produced gonzo titles.

Example: If you are a distributor and you can either spend $100K on a title that will make you $20K in profit or a title that will make you $50K in profit, which would you choose? If your experience tells you that a cheap, shitty looking gonzo fuck flick will give you a larger profit than the slick looking feature film, you’ll go with the shitty looking gonzo fuck flick. If your market consists mostly of adult males on the web and not couples, chances are the gonzo flick is the ticket to your next BMW payment.

Just last week a friend in Austria showed me a unbelievably cool clip from a movie. Blew my mind, it was wonderfully
shot and edited and if it wasn’t for the very hardcore sex in it could pass for a ultra high end indie movie. The production company is Six Inch Snails and the movie is entitled “Viennese”, directed by Euro porn legend Renee Pornero, who also owns Six Inch Snails.
And that’s where the problem is. Producing this feature was more expensive than shooting the usual run-off-the mill gonzo porn. And the gonzo is a sure sale, where the style of Viennese is not.

HOWEVER: Viennese is distributed by Magma, a large and powerful adult player in Europe. Magma can afford this risk, plus their target market does include couples.

It’s a different story for most other smaller companies.  

If you are looking for adult features with plot, good cinematography and so on check out movies from Private (“Gladiator Trilogy” among many others), Digital Playground (“Pirates”, “Rush”, “Forbidden Tales” etc.) and Wicked Pictures (“Supernatural”, “Angel X”, “Dangerous Tides” etc). They have good story lines,
good cinematography and hardcore “love making”.  Michael Ninn has some elaborate productions like “The Catalyst”, “Sacred Sin” and “Catherine”.

I guess Cinemax-type movies (the full versions, not the watered down shit you see lately) is the next step below that.
But you’ll notice how those movies are usually only available via cable broadcasts or the occasional Pay-Per-View
rental, and not on the web.

Again, those are considered couples market/women consumer movies and for a lot of companies that’s not where the bread ‘n butter income is.

This is why there is so much more cheap looking gonzo stuff available. It’s got nothing to do with talent or taste. It’s economics.

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So I pretty much locked myself away in the office to edit the mountain of movies I shot in LA. Buzz did the same so he could get a handle on his pictures. We are pretty caught up on everything so now we can…well…do it all over again!

Despite all this editing and cursing and scheduling and writing and sweating I did manage to sneak away for the premiere of the movie “300”. And oh it was so worth it. Even with tickets in hand we had to stand in line for over an hour before the movie and normally I’d just hand my tickets to some random kid and walk away pissed off. But I had been looking forward to 300 for quite some time and I really wanted to see it on opening day. Loved it!

Spartans and such: 300 The movie looks as if a comic book (for adults) had jumped on to the theater screen, had sex with a video game, and birthed a baby with the name “300”. Director Zack Snyder and his crew really did a fabulous job giving this masterpiece that look. I’m sure 300 author Frank Miller never expected his vision to come to life in such a way when he drew his work.

Warner Bros. did a great job with its official 300 web site. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in the production aspects of this movie. Frankly, if you are interested in making or producing movies it’s pretty mandatory to watch Snyder’s video journals.

Of course, this artificial, super-processed look is not meant to be the new standard for every movie in the future. It’s intriguing because it has never before been seen on screen. But Hollywood is wise to not overdo this type of movie, otherwise it will lose its appeal and “specialness”.

Left image: Actor Gerard Butler (Leonidas) delivers surprisingly believable and moving performances.


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