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In stark contrast with mainstream vixens like Britney Spears, my beloved “porn ladies” seem to keep their wits about themselves a lot better. I’d like to point out how all these lovely babes still have all their hair. No desperate cries for attention needed (Although there is a bit of shaving going on with Kelle Marie…). Britney, maybe it’s time to get into the adult biz? It’s much safer and saner for you. Seriously.

Here are just a few quick behind-the-scenes snippets. The actual videos contain a lot more than just a bunch of boring old BTS shit though. Oh yeah, the babes open up about their real lives, their likes and dislikes in men, women, food, cigarettes and everything in between; They reveal stories from their childhood, about their first sexual encounters and lots of other stuff that I think will be very interesting (and hot) to their fans. As a matter of fact, with all those personal insights into the girls’ lives captured exclusively for I fully expect a thank-you letter from fans (and probably death threats from some ex-boyfriends).

Kelle Marie shaves her pussyKelle Marie enjoys a smoke outdoors Jenaveve Jolie has a good time with the Aziani crew

 Kelle Marie and Hannah Harper ride the Sybian Hannah Harper getting ready to masturbate outdoors Blonde cutie Hannah Harper and Kroy Aziani discuss her first video

From top left to bottom right: Kelle Marie shaves her pussy; Kelle Marie outside smoking and talking about growing up in Wales; Jenaveve Jolie talks about her favorite pair of shoes (you won’t believe who makes them!); Kelle Marie riding the Sybian while Hannah watches; Hannah Harper’s amazing smile; Hannah Harper shares a sexy fantasy;

Back from Los Angeles

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Back from LA and what a trip it’s been! I still haven’t gotten the footage back to start editing but as soon as I do I’ll post some goodies here.

I land in LA on Thursday and go straight to the Roosevelt Hotel which is located right on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. Not that there is any time to count the stars – the XBiz show and seminars were about to start in a few hours and I still have to get my badge, say hello to fellow industry peeps, and meet up with Buzz and Rachel (who had arrived the day before). It’s already 11 am and time for a drink or two.

I need a moment of peace and the outdoors hotel bar sounds just about perfect. At 28 bucks for a glass of Vodka with cranberry juice I’m feeling the need to bitchslap the bartender but the presence of friends calms me down enough to not do anything that’ll get me into jail.

Buzz calls and says he and Rachel are at the restaurant next door. I pour down the strongest drink in history and make my way there. The food doesn’t look all that appealing so after Buzz and Rachel finish their plates we head back over to the hotel.

There’s a luncheon, I grab a plate of cold meats and processed cheese and us three sit down at one of the tables. We are surrounded by friends, competitors, newbies, veterans, lawyers and people I’ve never met before. It seems the industry gets bigger everytime we go to one of these events.

One of the big modeling agency owners sits down with us but I can’t chat with him because a MILFy lawyer sits next to me and starts chatting. I can’t be rude to MILFs.

It’s close to 2pm and time to get to the seminar in which I’d be one of the panelists. Along with four others I’m talking to a half empty room about internet traffic and search engine optimization. I almost put myself to sleep but overall I think it was a success and people learned something. I certainly did.

The rest of the day is spent drinking and networking. The next few days would be incredibly intense so we went to bed early that night.

But not before we get some bad news – one of the modeling agencies calls and tells us that one of the girls we had booked can’t make it. And it had to be Vanessa Lane, the one I was looking forward to the most.

Tyler Faith naked in the poolWe try to find a girl to fill in the slot for tomorrow and settled on a cute brunette. She never showed the next day. This has never happened to us before, we have always been very lucky when it comes to models. But we won’t let this blow ruin our shooting schedule. Luckily, Tyler Faith shows up on time next morning and she has personality and sex appeal for two. Buzz shoots photos of Tyler and after two hours it’s my turn to spend some time with her.

Tyler is a blast. Very smart, funny and very down to earth. As usual we have some very intimate and interesting conversations and I have the videos to prove it. members will get to see Tyler Faith like they’ve never seen her before and I think that’s a good thing. I think the dumb blonde bimbo image a lot of these girls have will go out the window after you watch the videos. Of course there’s plenty of sexy stuff too, including a sexy stockings video and plenty of masturbation and dirty talk.

Thursday. Today we are going to shoot Hannah Harper and Kelle Marie. I’m pretty excited after the great time I had with Tyler so my expectations are high. And I’m not disappointed. Hannah shows up first and goes straight into make-up. She’s very cute and a little shy. Can’t wait to see her when she’s more awake and has the confidence that a good dose of make up often provides.

Hannah Harper nudeKelle Marie shows up next. She too is pretty quiet but that changes soon. A lot. Occasionally I peek in the make up room and see how the girls are doing. They’re waking up more and become more talkative. I have a few strategies to help to loosen up and become comfortable with me and the camera. It works and soon I have so much BTS footage that I have to change tapes. We haven’t even begun to officially shoot so that’s very promising.

Hannah Harper is cute. Cute, cute, cute. And pretty. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Kelle Marie is naughty. Naughty, naughty, naughty. She has a potty mouth that makes even me blush. I’m not kidding. Both are very smart sexy ladies with british accents and after some more BTS Kelle Marie gets frisky on video while Buzz captures Hannah’s pure beauty outside. Kelle is a challenge. She’s not flirting, no, she is hitting on me and it takes a lot to keep my cool. It doesn’t matter if the camera is rolling or not, Kelle Marie is on. Got some dirty good times with the lass and after three hours it’s time to switch girls. Buzz now shoots Kelle and I get to spend time with Hannah.

I don’t think there’s a video on earth that has as much intimate and open, honest talk with either Kelle Marie or Hannah. For some of the videos I have them tell me some of their fantasies or sexual escapades that really happened while they pleasure themselves. Works very well, it’s hot and real. I feel honored to have these girls share themselves with me and therefore the Aziani members.

Kelle Marie for AzianiIt turns out Hannah Harper and Kelle Marie knew each other from before so they were more than happy to appear together in the Sybian video. Kelle gets off on it first, then Hannah steps in and asks her to step off to ride the machine too. No fuzz, no script, I just let the girls do their thing. And they do it well. Stuff like that makes life pretty easy for a video guy.

We are done at around 7pm and all of us are exhausted. Both Hannah Harper and Kelle Marie had a great work ethic and we all shared many laughs together. We leave the studio together and I hope to see the girls again sometime. After some Mexican dinner Buzz, Rachel and myself trot back to our hotel rooms, ready to take on another day.

Sunday’s lineup is made up of Jenaveve Jolie, currently one of the hottest stars in the adult industry, and Rita Faltoyano, a Hungarian cutie who is as polite as she is naughty. Everybody’s on time at the studio today but I didn’t feel as much of a connection to either one as on previous days, at least not at first.

Jenaveve is working her magic with Buzz while I spend some time getting to know Rita. As I’m going through Rita’s clothes she actually mentions that she is surprised how so few American women wear nylons or pantyhose. I just made a friend. The first video, I thought, simply had to be a pantyhose video and Rita’s eyes light up as I mention this. Excellent. Done deal. She knows how to work it too and all of a sudden it feels like we both were on the same page. The next video sessions with Rita flew by quickly, she’s a pleasure to be around with and never bitches or whines about anything. I love that.

Jenaveve Jolie nude for AzianiJenaveve Jolie time. Her skin is marvellous. Her face is marvellous. She’s marvellous. I’m excited to spend some time with this beauty. Once again I just ask Jenaveve to be herself and the videos turn out great. It’s amusing to watch virtually every other adult company out there come up with cheesy scripts for the girls to work through when their real lives are so much more interesting. You’ll see. If you ask the right questions, a pretty girl’s real life tends to be far more interesting than anything a script person could come up with.

It’s now after five o’ clock in the evening, we are completely done shooting and I have to catch my plane back home in two hours. We pack up what seems a billion pieces of equipment, pack up the car and head for the airport. Buzz and Rachel will bravely drive home with our junk. Maybe we’ll get some storage space next time? We were thinking about buying a studio too but we like to be able to change locations frequently so we’ll probably just keep renting studios each time we come to LA.

It has been a very stressful, exhausting, fun, exciting and above all sexy four days but now I’m ready for some alone time back home. I don’t want to see, hear or talk to anyone for at least a day or so. The cab driver who takes me home is a disgruntled, life-weary old fart from Bulgaria. He hates America and is leaving for good soon. He gives me the typical “Americans are all stupid and greedy and blah blah blah”-bullshit speech I have heard countless times from those who just can’t cut it and, instead of taking responsibility for themselves, prefer to blame their misery on everybody else.

Rita Faltoyano in pantyhose“Make your money and then get out”, he says before he gets back into his cab and drives off.

As I walk up to my house I reflect on the past few days. I think about Buzz and Rachel, and the indescribable bond we have. I think about just having spent time with some of the world’s hottest and brightest girls. I think of my cats, my nice cars and I think of the possibilities and the future ahead.

Nah. I think I’ll stay.

More than 30 new videos of Nikki Nova, Jenaveve Jolie, Tyler Faith, Hannah Harper, Rita Faltoyano and Kelle Marie coming up soon – exclusively on  

Nikki Nova pictures and videos

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Nikki Nova nude - Behind The ScenesThe one and only Nikki Nova graced our studios this Monday and all I can say is the day flew by way too quickly. Nikki is an absolute riot – she is funny, down to earth, and best of all really naughty. Of course she knows how to pose and do her thing on video but frankly the best part is just hanging out with her.

Buzz shot some amazing photos of our new Aziani babe and the first set already went live on Hanging out with Nikki and having the video cameras rolling the entire time left me with some really unique and cool stuff any Nikki Nova fan will really appreciate. I dare to say we’ll show Nikki like nobody has ever seen (or heard) her before.

We talk about what she’s been up to, how she got into the modeling biz, about her art work, about her horse accident last year, about her musical tastes, about what she is looking for in men and much much more. Nothing is staged or scripted, it’s all pure Nikki Nova and I’m really happy about that.

Nikki Nova shoots naked in the pool; Photos taken by Buzz Aziani Nikki Nova and Kroy Aziani talk about the next video

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See those names in the title? Nikki Nova, Jenaveve Jolie, Tyler Faith and Vanessa Lane? Yep, you guessed it – those are the hottie babes we will be hanging out with this week. Yes, THIS fuckin’ week.

Nikki Nova

Jenaveve Jolie for Tyler Faith for Vanessa Lane; image courtesy of Goldstar Modeling Agency

Can you tell I’m excited? And you should be too because you’ll finally get to experience these girls like nowhere else. Not on the web and certainly on no DVD. You know what I’m talking about. I’m especially looking forward to the personality video part. These are all very strong, intelligent, and naughty ladies and I can’t wait to see what trouble we’ll get each other in to.

You can attend the LIVE broadcast of all shoots if you are a member of but hurry – Nikki’s on Monday and the rest will grace our studio Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

If you have any questions for any of them let me know NOW and I see what I can do to get them answered, probably on camera.

And no, you can’t have my job. :)

Images are copyright of their respective owners.

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