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To HD or not HD: Porn in High Definition

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Sophia Lucci faceMy buddy over at found a New York Times article in which the author Matt Richtel basically hypothesized that the High Definition (HD) format might simply be too sharp for porn. He quotes pornstar Stormy Daniels as saying she wasn’t “100 percent sure anyone would want to see their porn in hi-def” and that the sharpness of the pictures highlighted skin flaws such as razor burns.

Could that be the reason there is so little adult entertainment available in High Definition at this time? No. It’s not.

I agree, the sharpness of High Definition does make imperfections of the skin or the body in general stick out more, but so did the transition from black-and-white film to color (your grandparents might remember) and I think we’re all pretty well adjusted to this now. We expect certain imperfection in order to accept the images we watch as plausibly realistic.

Before we go any further let’s clarify a few things: what the hell is HD?

High Definition aka Hi Def aka HD is a generic term and technically means anything with a resolution higher than your old school Television, which is 720 x 480i (i stands for interlaced. More on that another time).

When consumers and content creators talk about HD they often throw around two sizes of resolution: 1920 x 1080i and 1280 x 720p.  These two resolutions are not what makes a movie or video High Def, they are simply two widely accepted standards. There are many different resolutions and sizes but just to get on the same page for now let’s focus on those two.

Generally and very non-technical speaking, HD is thought of as a much larger, sharper and wider picture than what we are used to seeing.

But there is a big difference between HD formats.

And there is a huge difference in how sharp HD technically *can* be and how sharp it actually *is* once the movie/video/program/porn ends up in front of you. How those resolutions are being delivered is key. Let’s look at some examples.

The image here is a screenshot of Sophia Lucci’s first video I shot. During the editing process I softened the video and gave it a slightly diffused look. Luckily Sophia’s skin is pretty flawless but if she had any terrible scarring or bruises I had to get rid of I would have and the image you are seeing now would look just the same. The point here is that while the actual footage I shot of Sophia was sharper, I artificially reduced the perceived sharpness of the final product. The actual resolution of the video, however, is the same – 1920 x 1080.

This means that just because something is HD doesn’t mean the picture is necessarily too sharp. It doesn’t mean you see “too much” of one thing or another.

Another example is this screen capture of of Sophia’s behind-the-scenes video. Nothing was altered or touched up in any way – what you see is the result of good lighting, a good HD camera and first and foremost a beautiful woman as the model.

She looks very nice there, huh? You’d love to watch her movies at that size right about now, huh? So why can’t you download any movies at 1920 x 1080 right now that look that sharp? Because your computer most likely can’t handle it. And if it can, your monitor most likely isn’t large enough. And if it is, your internet connection most likely isn’t fast enough.

Just watch how long it takes for this ONE PICTURE to load. Now imagine an entire movie like this (comprised of usually around 30 frames per second) and you get an idea of the drain your computer and your internet connection would be subjected to.

Again – size (or resolution rather) doesn’t matter. Sharpness is not the reason there’s so little HD porn available at this time. The original movie this image was captured from is in the MPEG2 format and really, really, really sharp. Looks fantastic. But the whole movie is 22 minutes long and a whopping 4 Gigs in size. Yes, four Gigs. That’s a good chunk of your hard drive space. And just imagine the download times! Talk about hours if not days, right?

This is why most HD content you are seeing online at this point has less resolution and less sharpness than 1920 x 1080. It’s also delivered a lot more compressed – WMV format movies are much more compressed than the raw footage files (in the case of HDV it’s MPEG-2). Quicktime movies are also a lot more compressed and therefore give up sharpness and detail.

This is why there so little adult content available on either HD-DVD or Blueray.

It’s got nothing to do with that the images could be too sharp or any other excuse like that – most consumers are simply not enabled to enjoy true High Definition yet.

By the way, the way to get around this for us is to provide a downloadable version of the Aziani movies at 960 x 540 and at a bitrate that works on the average computer. It took me quite some time to find a happy medium between getting great looking HD video and acceptable file sizes and bitrate requirements but I think our current solution is pretty damn close. The next step will be offering the videos at 1280 x 720 at even higher bitrates.

Ultimately I’d like to offer our members the videos at a full 1920 x 1080 p in MPEG2 format and at true HDTV bitrates. This is currently not feasible but as consumers buy faster, more powerful PCs for their homes and as more consumers get ultra-high bandwidth internet connections (Japan has 1-Gig connections throughout several cities now), more and more true HD content will be available online.


Meth Coffee

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meth coffee is arabica beans and yerba mateNow, that’s just clever. Among all those homogenized, sanitized and family friendly players in the coffee world there finally is this small novelty company in San Francisco selling one product: Meth Coffee.

Okay, it ain’t really meth – meth coffee is merely Arabica beans and Yerba Mate. The producer of Meth Coffee is unknown and just calls himself “The Roaster”. If you want to sell his stuff you’re called a “Dealer”. Pretty creative.

The Meth Coffee web site is all kept in black and white, has the word “fuck” on the main page and has a pretty clever sales pitch about the product. Digging deeper through these crazy pages The Roaster talks about best ways to consume meth coffee (including a coffee enema) and gives tips on the proper handling of coffee such as storing it (actual quote: “…Keep your Meth bag zipped up tight like a cat’s asshole and store it in a dry place away from sunlight and extreme cold and heat.”).

I’ll order a bag because I’m a coffee lover and have enjoyed Yerba Mate tea in the past. I think I’ll bring a bag to some of the next shoots and see if I can’t squeeze out a few more videos with all that newfound energy :)

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