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Nikita Denise, Tiffany Price, Kroy AzianiIt’s a hard life. From the screen caps I have provided you can appreciate the hard, dirty work I subject myself to. For one, I was forced under threat of being dowsed to death with pussy juices to administer douches to two of the hottest pornstars in Los Angeles, Nikita Denise and Tiffany Price. And for what? All that just so those two girls can engage in no-holds barred sex later on.

Seriously folks, I’ll have to break down the events of those two days shooting in LA over a few posts, THAT much happened. For now you’ll get an idea of the upcoming new footage on by checking out the screen caps from some of the movies.

We shot Lexxi Tyler and Moni Michaels (pronounced “Mahwneee“) first on Wednesday, then were graced with the presence of Nikita Denise, my favorite Czech horndog, and busty blonde adult industry newcomer Tiffany Price on Thursday.



Nikita Denise and Tiffany Price

Tiffany gets a taste of Nikita's tits Nikita Denise and Tiffany Price swapping some spit 

So why am I providing screen caps from Thursday’s events first? Because I can.

I don’t know where to begin, there is so much to tell. I’ll have to sort my thoughts and go from there. For now, enjoy the screen caps and visit the ladies at And YES, those are actual grabs from the videos, not pictures, and nothing has been altered. 

Lexxi Tyler for

Moni Michaels for

Tiffany Price for

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Time Magazine Person of the Year 2006Well, kinda. It’s actually me…and you. Funky idea and a good marketing move I think. Time Mag’s impact and importance seems to have shrunk quite a bit over the past few years (Proof: name the Persons of the year for the past five years. Can’t, can ya?) so naming “You” as the Person of the Year is a cute idea because it’ll at least get some people talking about them again and it shows that Time Magazine can still be creative.

Speaking of cute, Buzz and yours truly just spent three days shooting some of the hottest girls in Los Angeles. Let me name drop a bit: Moni Michaels, Lexxi Tyler, Tiffany Price and… (drum roll, please)  Nikita Denise! I’ll report more on that as soon as I get a chance to make some screen grabs of the videos. Let me just say we’ve had some of the best shoots yet and that means a lot.

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