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Asian-American fetish honey Kina Kai

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Kina Kai with her big dildoIt took me a while to get my report on Kina Kai’s shoot for Aziani up. This is odd because Kina is one of my all-time favorites to work with. Kina flew out from California a few weeks ago for an all-day shoot with Buzz and myself. I was supposed to pick her up from the airport in the middle of the night (well, 9 AM actually) and got there way early – only to discover that Phoenix’ Sky Harbor airport still has not managed to figure out a parking solution for anyone picking up passengers on Terminal 4. I drove in circles for ages and called Kina to let me know when she is about to exit the airport so that I could pick her up at the curb.

I was pissed because I really don’t like our girls to think we don’t have our shit together. We are very tight when it comes to planning out shoots  and we make sure everything goes smoothly for everyone. The outlook of making her wait until I could find parking made me spew tirades of hate towards airport management. Luckily those guys seem to have their heads too far up their asses to hear what I said.

A few minutes later I heard Kina’s lovely voice on my cell and I got ready to find a spot at the Northside curb to pick her up. Well, fuck Sky Harbor because there was none. So I did the unmentionable: I parked straight in the middle of the road, ran to Kina, grabbed her luggage and dragged her back to the idling CTS.

Hehehe, I know that was naughty but it worked. We zoomed to the studio (well, zoomed is an exaggeration: crawled is a more accurate term… the Loop 101 decided to be host to a slew of car accidents and the mandatory following of gawkers. As usual. ) and made it there around the time we had initially scheduled to start. I like starting on time.

Kina Kai in pantyhoseKina and me had a great chat on the way to the studio – she’s a genuine, fun and upbeat girl with brains. And when she told me that she’s big into nylon fetish I knew I had made a new friend. In my head I began planning out various pantyhose fetish shoots to be done later in the day, unfortunately time restrictions only left me with one. But what a shoot that was! In a nutshell, Kina puts on tan pantyhose, then takes off one leg of the hose and stuffs it inside her. She jiggles and tears on it until she comes, then puts the pantyhose back on and gets dressed. (watch video)

What a fun girl Kina Kai is. I got some of the most interesting Behind-The-Scenes video out of her, along with 8 more hot (HOT!) videos including a food trampling video for our feet loving members, the aforementioned pantyhose video, several steaming masturbation scenes, and even a squirting video. Kina kept up her positive, upbeat attitude and work ethic throughout the entire day. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. It does make shooting all day so much easier and fun.

I can’t talk enough about this Asian-American cutie. She’s a great mix of contradictions: shy, sweet yet outgoing and naughty. She is dominating yet submissive at the same time. It’s odd, I know but watch her on and you see what I mean.

Kina Kai squashes food with her feet Kina Kai masturbating


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Buzz and Rachel spent the past few days in Los Angeles to attend a large convention. They also spoke with a new talent agency and guess what: two girls were available immediately. Buzz and Rachel took the opportunity and scheduled Shannon Kelly for Saturday and Abbey Brooks for Sunday.

Those are two hotties but unfortunately I can’t be with them and shoot the videos. I’m still back in Phoenix working on my new system and making sure biz is up and running. That’s okay though because as always, Buzz and Rachel transmitted the shoots live so members can get a taste of what’s to come.

Here they are – I’m looking forward to seeing the response from members once the updates go live.

Shannon Kelly for AzianiAbbey Brooks for Aziani

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