A Tech Nerds’ Pet Peeve

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Intel Quad CoreOkay so life is wonderful, the sites are doing very well, the girls are happy and all that. But then Intel came out last week with something that really put my stomach in a tailspin. Remember my quest to get those brand new, super-duper Intel chips called Conroe (Core 2 Extreme blah blah blah)?

Well guess what: Intel anncounced that they will now release their Quad-Core chips (so twice the processing power of these new chips I longed for) this November.

And the price will be about the same.

So after spending a fortune to finally get those fucking Core 2 Extreme chips in my systems I have to learn that a few months later I could get something twice as good for the same price.

Since my business is making visual entertainment I will naturally have to purchase these new super chips as well, hence making the Dual Cores obsolete – about four months after they have been released to the market.

Intel is winning with people like me. But there aren’t a lot of people out there who are willing/able to spend that kind of money on microchips, particularly because even “outdated” chips like some of the most recent ones are still more than adequate for consumers and even most professional applications.

The good news for you guys is that soon videos will become even clearer and higher quality than they already are. I will be able to produce movies in about half the time now and with the recent upgrade in equipment I can even put some sweet surprises in every once in a while. Oh, you’ll see!

So I’m pissed and excited at the same time, quite a weird feeling.

I just wish Intel didn’t have their heads so far up their own asses about these things. Their marketing department should be fired. All of ’em.

Why? Think about this: I know for a fact that Dual Cores (the ones releases in July/August made a big splash. Lots of people saved up their cash to get their hands on those sweet processors.) Guess what, that money now is not available for Quad Cores. The only ones who can afford Quad Cores are the ones who didn’t buy Dual Cores in the first place – hobbyists, gamers etc. Oh, and fucking Dell and HP. But Dell and HP live on consumer spending, who already have been/are buying Dual Core machines. Those consumers don’t have the funds left for Quad Cores either. So this means that Intel will lose A LOT of money with their new chips, as good as they may be. I certainly won’t buy any Intel stock this year, that’s for certain.