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Email from reader: “…and how do you get your models? Do you put out ads or what?…” 


Next to the obvious recruiting tools such as ads in newspapers/local papers such as New Times, as well through agencies such as One Model Place, our favorite and probably most effective way to get good models is through word of mouth from other models.

Jena Kay Ricci

If you hire a model you potentially hire everybody she knows. You have a professional model on set. Don’t be afraid to ask her who she knows who might like to work with you/your company. Chances are she knows at least a handfull of fellow ladies (or guys if that’s what you need) who have similar work ethic and attitudes. If you are able to offer a referral bonus your chances of getting a few good referrals are even better.

If you rely on getting your models via ads there are several issues you’ll have to deal with.

1) You have a lot of competition. Depending on where you are, there might be many individuals or companies just like you looking for models. Some may offer more money but the biggest problem is the fact that after so -and so many ads, a model will simply stop replying. If you are ad #50 and she stops replying after the first ten, you’re out of luck. This happens more often than you might think, particularly in competitive areas like Los Angeles. But even in cities like Las Vegas and Phoenix, adult production companies have been popping out of nowhere in gigantic numbers over the past few years. By the way, many successful and professional adult companies in Los Angeles won’t even put Wanted ads in newspapers anymore. That’s reserved for amateurs, wannabes and sleazeballs. Shelly DePalma

2) Even if a model does reply, your biggest challenges is to get her to show up. It’s a good idea to meet with a model in a public place first to make sure she’s what you’re looking for, she’s comfortable with you, and so on. It’ll also give you and her a chance to thoroughly discuss terms of the shoot – something you will not want to skim over. Furthermore, it will show you how reliable she is. If she can’t make it on time or at all to your initial meeting, what are the chances she’ll show up when it’s go time?

Professional agencies are my second favorite way of getting good models. I really like the ones that let you provide feedback about a model which helps a lot cutting down on no-shows. A professional agency (keyword here is professional) is a great way to make sure you’re getting what you need. As always, be prepared to pay a handsome sum. Shooting adult content has become very expensive, particularly in areas such as LA, Phoenix, New York, Las Vegas etc.  If you live in a less saturated area you may be able to get away with less. But before you even think about shooting anything at all, please make sure what you are planning on doing is not against the law in your area. This is very, very important.

My least favorite and probably the most frustrating recruiting tool is the aforementioned ad. Regardless of if your ad is online or on paper, you’re dealing with lots of unknown variables and potential frustrations. I also noticed that the quality and professionalism of models is far, faaaaar below what you often get from direct referrals and professional agencies. There are exceptions of course but dont’ count on them.  Ads are good if you are looking for total amateurs looking for a quick buck. But then your chances of last minute flake-outs are infinitely higher than if you are dealing with professional performers in the first place.

Final Words

If you are really serious about a career in shooting adult content and are able to attract the kind of models there are a few things you absolutely must have in place:

a) Model must be 18 years of age or older and she must have two valid picture IDs such as a driver’s license and/or passport. The IDs must be issued by either the State or Federal agency – a library card won’t do.

b) You must have a model release form that states that all images/videos etc shot will be your property and that you can do with it as you wish. It’s really worth it to have a lawyer specializing in contracts write one up for you. It’s money well spent.

c) If you shoot hardcore sex scenes you absolutely need to make sure each performer has a recent HIV/STD test done. Make sure they bring the results with them on the day of the shoot. If something looks fishy or they refuse to get a test, cancel the shoot. Do NOT risk this.

d) Make sure you are not breaking the law by shooting video or taking pictures. As a rule of thumb, the harder your shit, the more trouble you’re inviting. Right now the only “safe” place in the US to shoot hardcore porn is Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. All other States, countries, areas, communities, cities…well, it’s your risk and your ass so be careful.


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Every so often somebody asks me why I’m not using Apple computers. Particularly Mac users have a very annoying and often arrogant way of letting you know that their box is oh so superior, stable, better, prettier and whatnot. Just watch the recent Apple commercials and you know what I mean. Pure arrogance.

Well, I don’t like Apple Computers. I do have one but never use it.

Let me make this very clear: I think Apple Computers are overpriced, overrated pieces of home accent pieces. They look great, no doubt. But as somebody who actually uses computers to get work accomplished I have to say I’m not impressed by Apple.

IMHO, Apple’s reputation of stability and performance stems from pre-Windows XP times. Frankly, PC’s were notorious for stalling, freezing and varying in performance when running on Windows 98 and anything earlier. Apple, running on its own proprietary Operating System, enjoyed better system stability. Their OS featured more advanced user stuff as well so the choice was obvious – get Apple. But that was until about six years ago or so.

Some old-school professionals (particularly movie editors and compositors) still love their Apple boxes. Final Cut Pro, Apple’s own video editing software, is indeed a mighty fine product. But so is Avid, so is Adobe’s Premiere Pro, so is Sony’s Vegas – and all run on PC.  I don’t know about you but personally I rather like having choices and not be forced to use one particular piece of software just because it’s the only one available for the computing platform.

Overhyped, overpriced: Apple's MacI tested the oh-so hyped G5 boxes from Apple. And yes, they did great. A dual processor equipped machine can really do some fine things. But quite frankly, my current PC based boxes beat the shit out of any Mac G5 and at about half the cost. Oh, and I can run any program I need on it.

This brings me to my next annoyance with Apple: availability of software. Or the lack thereof.

The reason why PCs are claimed to crash more than Apple computers is that there are far, far more software titles available for PC than Mac. With a gazillion different pieces of software, some are bound to not work as well as others. And the first thing imperfect software causes problems with is the Operating System. Windows XP Professional itself is not less stable than say Apple’s Tiger OS (feel free to prove me wrong), but some software or products can screw any OS up. Since there’s more software for Windows-based Operating Systems there’s more of a chance of something going wrong. Makes sense?

It’s much simpler for Mac – there’s like ten software titles you can buy (okay, there are more but you get the point) so naturally most of them work very well with Mac. Some software titles are available for both Mac and PC but given the fact that significantly more people use PCs than Mac, some software creators put most of their efforts into developing the PC version. 

And Apple computers are not as stable as many people seem to think. Personally I worked with several different Mac computers and all of them had massive stability problems. Virtually everybody I know who works on a Mac (not many, I admit) has problems. So where does this stability nonsense come from? Why do some people still think Macs never crash and PCs always do?

Old myths. Again, years back Apple computers might have been more stable than PCs but that was years ago.

Another thing I really hate: Quicktime.

Used to be great, sure. But Windows Media really buckled up and delivered stellar performance since about version 9. Matter of fact, I refuse to deliver our movies in Quicktime now: it’s slower to work with, quality isn’t better anymore and more consumers have Windows Media Players than Quicktime players. (And Flash players but that’s a different story…a love story actually. I love Flash and use it extensively now to deliver our movies. More on that later).

(And yes, I know Quicktime is not a codec, it’s a wrapper like AVI and can use different codecs. The most popular being H.264)

Oh, and Quicktime seems to cause issues on PCs. Go figure.

Finally: Mac fanatics. Frankly, people: Quit talking about how great Apple is and how everything else sucks. Quit attacking people like myself who opt to work on what we feel is now a more professional platform, the PC. I understand that many years ago Apple computers were the way to go but that has changed. A lot. You really are embarrassing yourselves. Realize that most of the world uses PCs and therefore most everything, from software to media players will be produced accordingly. The days I wasted just to please two Mac users by encoding video for Quicktime could have been better spent on making more good content. So from now on that’s that: no more Quicktime.

Thought of the day: I wish Apple would just go away. Actually I don’t. Instead, I wish they’d stop making computers and focus on making more sweet gadgets like iPods and expand their music store. I like iPods and the general idea of iTunes but won’t use either because their usage terms are too restricting for my taste.

Final notes: I’m not particularly a fan of Microsoft or any PC company. I just happen to prefer those products over Apple products. I do think Steve Jobs is a genius and admire his wisdom. Furthermore, I do feel Apple products are designed very well and look much better than most PC products. But I buy computers to work on them, not look at them.

HD/HDV/SD/etc. Explained

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I’m hearing from a lot of people in the video/content production field and their confusion about the various video production formats. There is lots of totally wrong or outdated information online and such wrong info is, unfortunately, easily replicated and posted elsewhere online. Should I do a clear-and-frank tutorial on this shit or write up a page as guide? Reply or email me with your thoughts.

World War III and Porn

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According to Newt Gingrich on Meet The Press we are pretty much in the long anticipated sequel to WWI and WWII. Since creativity isn’t an option with policitians we shall call this sequel WORLD WAR III. (Love Roman numerals. They’re so fetch.)

Newt Gingrich:We’re in the early stages of what I would describe as the third World War and, frankly, our bureaucracy’s not responding fast enough and we don’t have the right attitude.”

Newt Gingrich declares World War III

Scholars and random forum nerds, all much brighter than myself, can’t be wrong: all them countries involved in the fightin’, it’s gotta be the Third World War.

Good. I’m glad. Let’s get it done and over with. Since a rather popular book (hint: usualy black cover, has lots of death and incest in it) has been hyping up all annihilating conflicts for quite some time now a lot of folks can’t help but EXPECT a megawar to happen. Or several.

The most important question above all of course is: How will this World War III affect the porn world?

I’ve got good news. There’ll be more of it than ever. Oh yeah. Think about it. People are stressed and fearful. What’s the best relief of stress and fear? That’s right, sex. What’s a great way to get sex if actual pussy or ass isn’t readily available. That’s right again – PORN.

The more conflicts, the more hate, the more fear, the more suffering and chaos the more people will seek out little havens of joy. There’s nothing quicker than firing up your computer, going online and typing in one of our handy little URLs.

While I’m at it, I predict a rise in consumers spending money on little luxuries such as overpriced cheesecake, tech trinkets, thousand-dollar bedroom curtains and other stuff that makes them happy for a minute. This is a very common phenomenon we see everytime the some country gets a hair up its ass and starts to declare war on somebody.

So yeah, I’m all for a big ass war, as long as I’m not going of course. And I’m not going because quite frankly I don’t give a shit about what those clowns are fighting for. Just dont’ give a shit, not worth my time and certainly not worth my blood.

I’m not going to provide figures or proof of my theory, I’m way too busy preparing my bomb shelter. But do some research on this and you’ll see my theory isn’t just a bunch of hoopla. Well, it is but it’s factual hoopla.

Hey look, cyanide pills are on sale. Those might come in handy…

Fake Cyanide Pill Bottle by Aerojockey









Oh Conroe Where Art Thou?

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THE most frustrating experience I’ve had in a long time was trying to score the new Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 processor. Why am I so nerdy about this? Well, as a heavy video editor (Hi Def, muthapucker!) I really need some fast and efficient stuff to accomplish my goals. To make a long story short, “Conroe”, or Core 2 Duo processors, as they are officially named are the shit. Beat everything else out there. Really quite perfect for video freaks like myself. So fuck it, I’ll buy one, right?

Intel's Core 2 Extreme X6800

Intel and a bunch of retailers made a big deal out of the launch date: July 27th 2006 is when the world would finally become a better place for us movie dudes.

I thought I’d be smart and pre-order the little silicon devil well in advance – after some heavy searching I found a large retailer that claimed they’d have it in stock by the 27th. Credit card comes out and I’m a happy man.

As a matter of fact, I spend the next two weeks buying a fortune worth of the finest hardware a mortal man can buy and made sure everything would get to me no later than around the 27th. The point was to build my perfect video editing workstation from scratch. Don’t wanna be wastin’ no time, right?

July 27th rolls around. Big news, the media goes nuts and people are up in arms about the new Intel chip. Random acts of masturbation become common and I am in a state of delirium…

I get a call from my retailer. Turns out, the Intel chip hasn’t shipped yet. Worse yet, there is no news as to WHEN they’d get the chips in.

After speaking to no less than twenty different retailers it turns out NOBODY has the fucking thing yet. And nobody seems to know when they will the Core 2 Extreme in.  Some say August. Some say October (!!!).

All of a sudden I spot light at the end of the technology tunnel: I found a retailer who did in fact have 34 of these bad boys in stock! I’m beside myself and call ‘em right up. Turns out the warehouse is closed so I have to call the next day to place my order. No biggie.

I call the next day. Guess what. ALL 34 chips have SOLD OUT since the night before.

Back to square one.

What I’ve learned

Most technology retailers are scumbags that’ll tell you they have something in stock when they don’t just so they can get your order. They just looooove to “backorder” shit for you. This is not merely a conclusion, it’s something several reps actually told me. Go figure.

I also learned that Intel really dropped the ball on this. Instead of touting July 27th as the date to get their new product they should have stated that July 24th is merely the date those chips leave their warehouse. Nobody can actually buy them until about two or three weeks later – IF YOU’RE LUCKY.

Finally, I learned that AMD is coming out with a quad core processor (so four processors in one basically). This won’t happen until sometime early next year but hey, I might just go through the same shit again at that time.


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